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Box office weekend results 01-05 to 01-07-2018

The first weekend box office in 2018 Jumanji welcome to jungle been number one spot after been second behind Star Wars episode 8 Last the of Jedi for three weeks.

Also Jumanji welcome to jungle have over 500 million in box-office world wide .

1. Jumanji (2017) $36,000,000
2. Insidious 4 $29,265,000
3. Star Wars: The Last Jedi $23,551,000

Dc cinematic universe movie news

Well yesterday Warner Bros make make huge announcement name new president production DCU movies they name Walter Hamada, one of the executives behind the massively successful Conjuring horror movies made by Warner Bros.’ New Line division, has been named president of DC-based film production.

Think great idea  they name new president handle the DCU movies there production the conjunction successful movies franchise hope great things from DCU movies better future movies.


Box office weekend results 12-30-17 to 01 -01 -18

This weekend box office results third stright Star wars episode 8 the last Jedi make number one is box office make 52 millions .

Star Wars episode 8 the Last Jedi came number one in 2017 it fast gross every over billion dollars less three weeks wow all said Abbot that . 

1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi $52,661,000
2. Jumanji (2017) $50,355,000
3. Pitch Perfect 3 $16,845,000