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The Batman movie news

There possibly reboot The Batman movie with out Ben Affleck Director Matt Reeve made have recast for coming the Batman movie .

There’s as yet been no official comment from either DC Film or Ben Affleck himself. None of this is to say that Batman isn’t being recast or that Matt Reeves’ movie is outside of the DCEU, but there’s simply not enough available evidence to argue otherwise either. Right now, it’s possible that DC Film may again have to devote time at an SDCC panel to debunking rumors of Affleck’s The Batman departure – for the second year runnings

If cast choice is cast Jake Gyllenhaal Bruce Wayne/Batman for movie right age currently DCU movies universe good replace for Ben Affleck if left role playing Batman in the Batman movie bye director Matt Reeves .

We’ll see further details in future .

DC universe movie news

Geoff Johns – President and Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment – is stepping down from both executive positions, effectively immediately. The legendary comic creator is not leaving the company, however, having just signed an exclusive writer-producer deal with both DC Comics and Warner Bros .

Basically still part Warner Bros take over DCU movies one Geoff Johns exits DC Entertainment, gets exclusive writing and producing deal. Will write script and produce

Green lantern corps is

slading 2020 release date in movie theater.

Think great idea he know comic book basically stories in think move for Warren Bros handle The DCU movies universe .

Box-office weekend results

This weekend box-office results Ocean’s 8 made number one in box-office this past weekend make 41 million dollars . Previous number one past two weekend Solo a Star Wars story movie finished second place make 15 million dollars this past weekend.

1. Ocean’s 8 $41,607,378

2. Solo: A Star Wars Story $15,748,575

3. Deadpool 2 $14,148,517