Box-office weekend result 03-24 to 03-26 

The second straight weekend in rows Disney Beauty and Beast maintenance number one in box office make over 88 million dollars in box office have gross 200 million past two weekends in North America over closer 500 million worldwide ask movie .

New release  Saban’s power rangers had pretty strong in second in box-office make over 44 million opening weekend .

1. Beauty and the Beast $88,347,000
2. Power Rangers (2017) $40,500,000
3. Kong: Skull Island $14,425,000

The  Saban’s power Rangers Movie reviews

Tonight went to the movie  the The Saban’s power Rangers  the  Saban’s Power Rangers starting Elizabeth Bank and  Bryan Cranston and Namio Scott and Draca Montgomery Luni Lin Becky G  RJ Clyter DirectorDean Israelite.

Five ordinary teens must  become something   extraordinary when they learn that their small town of Angel Grove – and the world – is on the verge of being obliterated by an alien threat. Chosen by destiny, our heroes quickly discover they are the only ones who can save the planet. But to do so, they will have to overcome their real-life issues and before it’s too late, band together as the Power Rangers .

 This idea new power ranger movie between story of new “Breakfast Club meets Chronicle” angle to the mythology, the Power Rangers movie mixes a lot of older, fan-favorite elements with some exciting new ideas, culminating in a cool superhero team origin story. 

As with any superhero film, there’s  is was entertaining to  bring memories watch since love  kids television series in 90’s.

 Elizabeth Bank great version Rita  not television series version very twister and evil  love how she in movie she very good playing the character little spoiler beginning  start movie she green rangers opening see try kill Zoard who red rangers.

Special in-depth the movie great origin the power rangers very entertaining movie and enjoying this flim to watching in theaters people’s out big fan like me you the movie  was great totally awesome.

This movie reviews the  Saban’s Power Rangers starting Elizabeth Bank and  Bryan Cranston and Namio Scott and Draca Montgomery Luni Lin Becky G  RJ Clyter DirectorDean Israelite. 

Deadpool part 2 movie latest news

Report Hollywood reporter Now Brad Pitt consider want playing Cable for Deadpool part 2 add listen actors be casting for character in for movie  .
Name on list rumors for characters names Michael Shannon rumor front-runner  for role also Stephan Lang and Dolph Langran and WWE hall framers Kevin Nash does on cast for cable for Deadpool part 2.
Deadpool part 2  starting filming scheduled​ in Vancouver  next month is scheduled release  flim  come beginning next year.

Box office weekend result 03- 17 to 03 19

This Saint Patrick’s day weekend box-office results Disney pictures live action movie   Beauty and Beast made over one million Seven forty million dollars be number in box office weekend result​.

1. Beauty and the Beast $174,750,616
2. Kong: Skull Island $27,832,142
3. Logan $17,815,677

Marvel Iron Fist season reviews

 the first episode hold series of Marvel Iron Fist on Netflix. So far it’s very good interesting characters and story. The fights leave a little something to be desired but it will probably get better as it goes. I enjoy watching this series mix marshall art flighting action sequel totally awesome this was good series to watch if love mix marshall art flighting stlyles this totally amazing the series.

Check out Netflix Marvel Iron Fist  this mine Marvel Iron Fist streaming now Netflix.

What are other people’s opinions on the show? Please try to keep it spoiler free.

Venom movie 

Marvel Studio and Sony pictures announced yesterday  release stand one Vernom movie spin off in 2018 in October 8 2018 incorporate to Spiderman UniverseAmazing Spider-Man 2 was packed with characters around whom a cinematic universe could be built, but the franchise instead imploded. Now, Tom Holland has taken up the mantle and joined the MCU .

Mine is question people’s out there this good idea have stand alone Vernom spin-off movie films .

Only thing mine works induced Carneger in movie  in Spiderman universe and MCU.

The Vernom movie spin off release October 8 2018.