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Box-office weekend results

This past weekend A quite place reagin number 1 from pervert Number 1 Rampage starting Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

A quiet place make over 22 million dollars.

1. A Quiet Place $22,000,000
2. Rampage $21,000,000
3. I Feel Pretty $16,220,000

Mask live action movie

We’ll Paramount pictures and Hasbro development live action Mask movie .

The report from Deadline reports today, Paramount is ready to move forward with that idea, putting director F. Gary Gray (The Fate of the Furious, Straight Outta Compton) at the helm to develop and direct it. For those who weren’t kids in the 80s, M.A.S.K. …

Love this idea Mask favorite cartoon growing up in 1980 you guy director i love F. Gray Gray he styles his direct last fast furious movie totally awesome like stright out Compton.

Think this work if right could major successful in movie theater at box-office keep updating any further news.

DCU movies latest news

Director Steven Spielberg planning director Live action the Black Hawks movie .

The Black Hawks DC comic book basically stories freedom fighters in War world 2 against Nazie .

I remember watching first The Justice league animation series on cartoon Network 4 parts Savage time indue the Black Hawks helping Justice league against Nazie and Vendor Savage is great episodes one favorite episodes doing Justice league series .

Then after went favorite old comic books store find old comic book from the Black Hawks starting read great stories Golden age Comic book .

I think Steven Spielberg is director he great job looking forward be awesome and amazing telling the Black Hawks stories in live action movie.

Box office weekend results

This weekend box-office weekend results Rampage starting Dwayne The Rock Johnson made number 1 the box office past weekend make over 35 mllion opening weekend .

A quite place previous week number 1 finish second made 32 million it has gross over 100 million past two weeks had opening in theaters.

1. Rampage $35,753,093

2. A Quiet Place $32,970,049

3. Truth or Dare $18,667,855