Box office results weekend of June 23 to 25

The lowest money opening weekend for transformers franshines still Transformers Last Knight still was number one in box office there opening weekend.

Make over 45 million dollar this past weekend is lower for movie franshines.

Warner Bros picture Wonder Woman still smashing in box office surprised Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice over 500 million been high grossing in DCEU .

1. Transformers 5 $45,300,000
2. Cars 3 $25,175,000
3. Wonder Woman $25,175,000

X men dark Phoenix movie latest news 

Twenty  Century Fox announcement add other mutant Dazzle in x men dark Phoenix movie who released  in November 2 2018.

Simon Kinberg said today enterment weekly that we other mutant in x men Phoenix movie and  also use character x men spin off new mutant released some  time  in 2019.

Love this idea use Dazzle in x men Phoenix movie remember she  was  stories x men dark Phoenix saga in 90’s X-Men animation and this movie set place 90’s.

This is news have looking forward this movie X-Men dark Phoenix movie released November 2 2019.

Han Solo movie latest news

Ron Howard is stepping in to direct Han Solo movie .

After Phil Lord step down director Han Solo movie the Hollywood reports that director Ron Howard well director the Stars Wars spin off movie The Han Solo movie .

This awesome news have Ron Howard upgrade director this film grant i like Phil Lord  ask director the Lego movie one favorite from him.

But this is Ron Freaking Howard’s he great director looking forward see how bring Han Solo stories to life to  big sceen like said this upgrade for this movie .

The Stars Wars spin off the Han Solo movie released in theaters May 25 2018 .

Transformer Last Knight movie review 

Tonight went to movie see  Transformers last Knight the fifth installment from transformers movies franshines.

Starting Mark Wahlberg Sir Anthony Hopkin Isabela Moner  Josh Duhamel Luara Haddock And director bye Michael Bay.

Humans are at war with the Transformers, and Optimus Prime is gone. The key to saving the future lies buried in the secrets of the past and the hidden history of Transformers on Earth. Now, it’s up to the unlikely alliance of Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg), Bumblebee, an English lord (Anthony Hopkins) and an Oxford professor (Laura Haddock) to save the world.

First for people’s hated Michael Bay  transformers movie franshines stop to this sequels hear some people’s social media rant and rip this movie there review .

Honestly this transformers last Knight one best this franshines since  first transformers movie tens years ago .

This storytelling better then last few transformers  sequeles movie’s set up transformers cinematic universe planning next tens years from paramount pictures.

Yes said tens years because next two years two  next movie be prequel with bumble bee movie set place  in 1980’s and follow  sequel bd in 2019   in animation movie set in cyberstron.

Because this lot set up future movies mentioned unicron use him future live action movie  from franshines ask main villians  this great exciting for cinematic universes that perfect for me .

I think  one best movie this franshines Transformers last knight  go see this movie.

This movie review transformers Last Knight  starting Mark Wahlberg Sir Anthony Hopkin Isbela Morner Josh Duhamel Luara Haddock director by Michael Bay.

Venom movie latest news

Well Eddie Brock not only one bonding with Synopsis  in the spin-off spider man movie venom movie bye marvel studio and Sony picture who Tom Hardy starting in ask Eddie Brock .

The movie we’ll in dues Carnage’s for first time every time any Spider Man Cinematic universe.

the comics, Carnage is an alien Symbiote like Venom, but instead of bonding with a moderately evil reporter like Eddie Brock, Carnage bonds with a totally evil serial killer named Cletus Kasady. Sony hasn’t announced who’s playing Carnage 

Most likely that the Carnage’s against venom in the movie also a hear add extra villian in movie kraven the hunter in venom movie we’ll see when shooting the movie  pretty soon. 

Dc Cinematic universe news

Well since Joss Weldon reshooting major scenes in Justice league movie .

Warner Bros picture is thinking development The New God movie because successfully of Wonder Woman movie  in box office  so far this summer.

It be abbot time  connect Dceu build with new god New Genesis  Orion high father  Mr. Miracle and Fore childrens. 

 They you in due planet of apocalypse general Staniff Wolf man villian in Justice league  you see appreciate darksild and grada goodness in Justice league movie.
Biggest  argument that against  doing live action movie too much like  of Stars Wars  Jack Kriby New God  comic book came before George Lucas Star Wars fact Mentioned that took idea read comic Jack Kriby New God comic book development Characters of Stars Wars  movie franshines.

Personal impatient should do live action movie connect to Dceu this epic science fiction movie space opera be awesome that feels what you think about live action New God movie.

Comic book television series news 

HBO announcement today  that do planning remake the  Watch Man  to a television series. 

Think good idea special on HBO Network watch man television series be like the movie when released 2007 could push to extremely stories of Watch Man comic books graft novels hopefully be great.
The Watch Man television series debut  on HBO some time next year .