Marvel The Defenders series season one review

This mine review Marvel The Defenders series season one on Netflix .

Four of Marvel’s biggest heroes are each working individually but have one common goal in mind — to save New York City. Burdened with their own personal challenges, Matt Murdock (Daredevil), Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Danny Rand (Iron Fist) realize that they likely won’t be able to accomplish their goals working solo. That realization leads them to team up and form The Defenders, a supergroup that is more equipped to save the Big Apple than the heroes would be if they continued to work on their own.

This one best Marvel Netflix series they lot great actions sequestered in the series fun and entertaining watching enjoy lot .

Strong point in the series really was Jassica Jones her character  development most better then first appearance her own series on Netflix very stong character in the Defenders series .

 I give producers credit correct the from her character in her own serise.

Rest the  Dare devil was fine in series Luke Cage was sold  now problem  he series is iron fist character development pretty weak the producers series  let approved  character on own series or next season the Defenders .

The hand was great villans use different villans four different  marvel  netflix series including bring back elektra ask villans she was awesome in series .

Like said love series one best Marvel Netflix series see up there first  two Seasons and Luke Cage good entertaining serise to watch on Netflix  .

​This mine review Marvel The Defenders series season one on Netflix .

Warner Bro Batman and Harley Quinn’s animation movie review

Just finished watching Warner  bro Batman and Harley Quinn movie be Blu Ray Abbot two weeks from now . Kevin Convoy reprised role voice Batman  bring original voice from the  old Batman animation series story bye Bruce  Tim.

Batman and Nightwing join forces with Harley Quinn to stop a global threat brought about by Poison Ivy and the Plant Master.

I every about this animation movie bright back some charming old Batman animation series but little more little more adults verison animation movie.

I enjoy this lot this movie one favorite sequeles scence stand out when night wing chase Harley Quinn have little fight sence Harley Quinn  eject small dose Joker venom his arm she knock out .

He came true  Harley Quinn tie up night wing  arm and leg her she had sex with him . Night wing said doing any thing Gotham Batman came few hours Harley apartment both ticking each other full clothing he see around Harley Quinn underwear in gound  tell Night wing got what need it  yeah .  Batman walking way night wing said never make out Super villans.

Like this movie very entertaining enjoy this watching well watching add to Blu Ray collection .

This movie review Warner’s bro Batman and Harley Quinn animation movie .

Box office weekend 09-11to 09 -13 results

This weekend  new line cinema Annabelle 2 made number one in box office this weekend make over 35 million dollars.

1. Annabelle 2 $35,040,000
2. Dunkirk $11,405,000
3. The Nut Job 2 $8,934,748

Stars Wars episode 8 movie news

Enterment weekly released two cover Magazine of Stars Wars episode last of Jedi .

Well see you Rey playing bye  Daisy  Ridley in defense with Jedi lights sable .

Luck Skywalker Mark Hamill reprised role ask Luck Skywalker in stars wars episode 8 also last movie  that in ask Carrie Fisher ask Leie  .

Star wars episode 8 released in December 15, 2017


Deadpool part 2 movie news

Well  official first l look Josh Broin playing Cable  and Domino in Deadpool part 2 who released in 

The moment fans knew Deadpool would finally be making it to theaters, talk began about whether Cable would eventually appear on film. Both created by Rob Liefeld, the two have spent the past few decades teaming up on a number of adventures. And given their vastly different personalities, hilarity always ensues. The end credits of the first film confirmed that Cable would appear in Deadpool 2, and now we’re much closer to that reality.

Love then looking it for movie Josh Broin looking pretty cool ask Cable  and  actresses Zazie Beetz pretty hot  playingask Domino  Deadpool part 2 be in theater 2018.