Green lantern Corp movie news

om Cruise front runner Hal Jordan green lantern in DCU movies Green Lantern corp .

There report many main stream website that Tom Cruise is front runner be Hal Jordan green lantern in green lantern Corp movie be sometime 2020 .

Think this great casting get major actor in Hollywood a list blocker buster drawl think could Hal Jordan green lantern Warren Bros cast and sign him great DCU universe movie more details about news keep posting any new information.


Box-office weekend results

This weekend box-office results Warren Bros moster shark movie the Meg starting Jason’s Statdum made number one in box-office make over 44 million dollars in box-office past weekend.

The Meg WB $44,500,000 –

2 1 Mission: Impossible – Fallout Par. $20,000,00

3 2 Disney’s Christopher Robin BV $12,430,000

The Meg movie review

Tonight went see The Meg live action movie best New York selling book staring Jason’s Statdum.

A massive creature attacks a deep-sea submersible, leaving it disabled and trapping the crew at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. With time running out, rescue diver Jonas Taylor must save the crew and the ocean itself from an unimaginable threat — a 75-foot-long prehistoric shark known as the Megalodon.

From starting to finish very good entertaining thrilled movie see Meglogdon to out movie the cgi of shark amazing I enjoy it attack the humans and and ships and boat in movie to out the film .

Jason Statdum playing characters Jonas Taylor very well actually exactly in book connect leading women in movie and little girl in very good in to out movie one favorite high point in film .

Now this good film yes all negative peoples hate this film should be rate r flim this film a rate PG-13 rating but still very good thrilled movie there some blood in that fine too me .

This movie very impressed reel enjoyed this hope we’ll box office love more sequel this novel to live action movie .

Give movie bowls guacamoles this amazing flim to watching in flim.

This movie review of the Meg starting Jason’s Statdum.

Spider Man movie news

Samuel L. Jackson is returning as Nick Fury in the next ‘Spider-Man’ movie despite turning … the sequel to “Spider-Man: Homecoming” that comes to theaters next …

Very good idea use him cameo in next spider man movie remember in comic Peter Parker partents work spy opit for shield does make indue Fury in Spider Man movie undue in his movie .

Think sequel very good see little spider Man been this movie looking to sequel movie July 5 2019 .

A Super girls movie

A eyebrow-raising news situation here, as Warner Bros. and DC Films are reportedly plotting a Supergirl movie from the writer of The Cloverfield Paradox It’s still early days, however, and given the number of writers typically involved in your average blockbuster, it seems likely that this iteration of the script will be one of many DC universe movies want do .

Okay people’s get confused yes still have DC Television show Super girls on the cw network remember DC universe not marvel universe TV and movies universe are connected some what not case DC universe because two separate universe TV and movies universe .

The question needs Super girls movie yes i mine more women super hero impending what verison that do what story . Looking successful wonder women ask movie could be successful the right directior and producer can could we see .

Box-office weekend results

For second stright weekend in rows mission Impossible fall out made number one in make over 35 million dollars in box-office this weekend.

1. Mission: Impossible 6 $35,000,000

2. Christopher Robin $25,003,000

3. The Spy Who Dumped Me $12,350,000

Christopher Robin movie review

Today went movie see very favorite Disney cartoon growing up little kid live Winnie the poo movie .Christopher Robin is all about relieving your childhood and seeing all the iconic characters making their live action debut was just wonderful. Christopher Robin since it’s all about the father losing his way and has to find way by telling himself whats most important to him which is his family. My favorite part of course is the classic characters and the technology they use to bring it to life and also seeing Jim Cummings returning to the role from the 1988-1991 tv series. Cummings once he does the voice it’s back to school and hasn’t lost his touch and picks up where he left of with ease. Also other voice actors such as Brad Garrett, Toby Jones, Peter Capaldi were great with the characters they voiced. I think Brad Garrett for sure was the MVP of this film. He does a spot-on Peter Cullen Eeyore from the animated show perfectly. All the classic qualities of Eeyore Garrett nails it so beautifully. He is almost like the droopy character but still puts a smile on everyone’s face. Totally amazing great see this live action movie bring memories was kid was Disney cartoon series in 1980’s totally amazing flim is a classics flim .

Give five bowls of Guacamoles totally awesome and amazing this movie review Christopher Robin movie.