Box office weekend results

This Valentine’s day weekend Paramount picture Sonic The Hedgehog made number 1 in box office weekend

Make over 57 million dollars opening

1. The Sonic the Hedgehog $57.0M

2.Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn$17.1M

3Fantasy Island$12.4M

4The Photograph$12.3M

5 Bad Boys for Life$11.3M

Sonic hedgehog movie reviews

Today went I watching Sonic The Hedgehog and the redesign of Sonic totally saved this film for sure. The classic game vibe you get when you watch this film and when the film starts you get taken back to the original Sonic the Hedgehog game. Even though Jaleel White didn’t voice Sonic in this big screen adaptation I am not sad at all because Ben Schwartz made the role his own. His take on sonic and the sense of humor he brings to the character is wonderful and his chemistry with James Marsden says Sonic looks up to him like a big brother. The animation especially for Sonic is perfect and at times from different camera angles he looks real. The meta jokes Sonic pulls off is great and some of the references he makes to other franchises are great laugh out loud moments. Of course the Mannequin challenge has become a trademark in films alot and you get that in this film. The moment Sonic has is pretty awesome in this film. When it comes to Jim Carrey’s Dr. Robotnik he didn’t have any flaws in my opinion. Carrey was perfectly cast as the villain. I do think Carrey had to memorize his dialogue because he was natural and you felt like he stepped out of the classic animated cartoon from the 90’s show. He brings all the qualities with that egocentric, maniacal, superiority complex, always being right, eccentric, zany with his portrayal. There is so much more to explore for his character, Sonic and the other worlds. Definitely this is just the first journey for Sonic. It’s definitely worth watching and I hope Sonic gets a sequel with more fleshed out story arc and expanding the universe. Also you get a nice in the end of the film by saying to be continues be amazing final fight scene with doctor robotnik also mid credit scenes after credit.

I give movie five of bowl gaumoles this was amazing flim this mine movie reviews

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Box office weekend results

This weekend box-office the Bird Prey and Harley Quinn made number one in box office past weekend make over 33 million dollars .

1, Birds of Prey, $33.0M, t

. 2, Bad Boys for Life, $12.0M,

3, 1917, $9.2M

Bird of Prey movie reviews

Today went see BIRDS OF PREY starting Margot Robbie This was surprisingly great. It’s definitely one of the most fun and thoroughly entertaining DCEU movies I’ve seen.

Margot Robbie real steals the show as Harley Quinn, in a film that is beautifully centered around her emancipation from The Joker. For those that were complaining she was too subservient to The Joker in SUCIDE SQUAD, this film honors that with Harley having more of her own agency this time around. Robbie does a really splendid job at making Harley feel like a real person. There were a couple moments where I empathized with Harley in a genuinely heartbreaking and emotional way.

The other characters are all well defined and acted, but for me Ewan McGregor was a real highlight as Roman Sionis. As Black Mask, McGregor is always funny, charming, unpredictable, and danger feelings on the film in a nutshell. I’ve read other people describe this film as “JOHN WICK meets LOONEY TUNES” and I think that’s a very apt description. It’s an inherently silly movie, with a lot of heart and an overabundance of style to compensate. The style is very deliberate, never feeling corny or hackneyed.

With some stellar fight choreography and inventive action sequences, BIRDS OF PREY succeeds where SUICIDE SQUAD failed. It leaves room for the characters to grow, and the ending smartly sets up a franchise of its own. It’s a damn good time at the movies. I enjoyed so much one favorite entertainment comic book movie all time it was amazing this movie .

Give this movie five bowls of gaumoles this was awesome movie this movie reviews BIRDS OF PREY starting Margot Robbie