Box office result this weekend

This weekend’s box office weekend’s pixzar toy story part 4 number one in box office make over hundred eighteen millions in bigger opening toy story movie franchise.

1. Toy Story 4 $118,000,000

2. Child’s Play (2019) $14,055,540

3. Aladdin (2019) $12,200,000


Toy Story part 4 movie review

Today went to movie watching Pixzar Toy Story part 4 This fourth edition the Toy Story Cinematic univese .

The Story of movie Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the rest of the gang embark on a road trip with Bonnie and a new toy named Forky. The adventurous journey turns into an unexpected reunion as Woody’s slight detour leads him to his long-lost friend Bo Peep. As Woody and Bo discuss the old days, they soon start to realize that they’re worlds apart when it comes to what they want from life as a toy.

This other and entermening movie love this story of movie to years Woody growing with Andy then find new playment Kid Boonie .

I like new characters forky and Bunnies and Chick and Gabby they very good in the movie .

Also Keanu Reeves like Duke Kaboom he very funny in movie he playing Canadian verison of Evel Knievel toy .

This fun movie watching with family very awesome give movie five of bowl Guacamoles this was awesome .

This movie review Pixzar Toy Story part 4 starting Tom Hank and Tim Allen Keanu Reeve.

Men in black international movie review

Last night i went see Men black international the Men in Black have expanded starting Chris Hemsworth Tessa Thompson Liam Neeson

The story of cover the globe but so have the villains of the universe. To keep everyone safe, decorated Agent H and determined rookie M join forces — an unlikely pairing that just might work. When aliens that can take the form of any human arrive on Earth, H and M embark on a globe-trotting adventure to save the agency — and ultimately the world — from their mischievous plans.

This other fun action pack very funny entertaining movie this men black cinmatica universe edition .

Love this movie Chris Hemsworth very comedian in movie he very awesome in actor very well done .

Tessa Thompson love she playing character agent M she very good playing role and very cool in movie .

Also all you Liam Neeson fan he was good be himself in movie he good he acting was fine in movie .

This movie was fun and entertaining i enjoy watching this movie give this movie five of bowls Guacamoles this movie review Men Black internation starting Chris Hemsworth Tessa Thompson Liam Neeson

Box office weekend result

This father day weekend new installment Men in Black movie cinimatica universe. The Men in Black International made number one in box office make over 28 million this past weekend .

1. Men in Black International $28,500,000

2. The Secret Life of Pets 2 $23,800,000

3. Aladdin (2019) $16,712,000

X men Dark pheonix movie review

Tonight went movie see watching X-Men: Dark Phoenix and I will say I had mixed feelings about this film. The movie definitely had potential but it was too rushed and I feel it’s due to the Disney-Fox merger. This storyline should’ve been split to 2 parts first being The Phoenix Force and the Dark Phoenix. To me watching this movie felt like Simon Kinberg wanting to meet his deadline and not putting enough focus on fleshing out the character story arc. The opening sequence with Young Jean Grey felt like the opening sequence of Shazam with young Thaddeus Sivana. I will say that they stayed true to the comics with the Phoenix Force keeping a watchful eye on Jean Grey and realizing she is the chosen one. The effects with the Phoenix Force engulfing Jean Grey was captured beautifully as well the 3rd act of the action sequence with Jean Grey/Phoenix Force going all out destroying all the D’Bari species looked really good. The visual spectacle definitely this movie had and they paid it off really well. My only disappointment was no character development, the constant shifting of the characters loyalties for example with Beast didn’t feel right. Same goes with Magneto where he wants to kill Jean Grey but then has a change of heart. No explanation as to why he changed his mind. I really wished they focused on the Phoenix Force entity like X-Men the Animated series did that Larry F. Houston and Eric Lewald created during the early 90’s. You had 2 arcs one being the Phoenix Force and the other being Dark Phoenix Saga. You get to see the cosmic side of the Universe and Simon Kinberg could have used those 2 storylines as references by taking certain key elements and could have done a 2 part storyline with one coming out previous year and the final part coming out this year. I think X-Men Dark Phoenix could have been a “Contest of Champions” storyline like they did in X-Men: TAS where the Shi’ar lead by Lilandra believes that the entity that’s taken over Jean Grey is a threat to the Galaxy and she needs to be destroyed. They issue a challenge to the X-Men saying if you want to save Jean you need to defeat the Shi’ar honor guards lead by Gladiator. To me this would have been a compelling story and for me in this film they corners left and right and made the ending just abruptly.

I went into this film with negative zero expectations, and maybe that Hopefully help DARK PHOENIX surprised me. It’s much more grounded, somber, and atmospheric than any previous X-film (besides LOGAN). There’s an intimacy to this film that made it feel small but not in a bad way, at least for me.

Hans Zimmer’s distinctive score absolutely enhanced the experience. He gives the film a heightened sense of foreboding tension. I loved Charles Xavier’s arc. The way he had to contend with his own hubris felt very fitting. I haven’t gotten that emotional during these movies, besides LOGAN. Mystique’s death emotionally affected me in a way I hadn’t anticipated. It helped that Nicholas Hoult acted the hell out of his scenes.

Sophie Turner delivers a fantastic performance, as does the usual suspects (i.e. Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, etc). I know some people were saying THE LAST STAND was a better movie, but I can’t agree with those comments at all. That movie was all over the place. DARK PHOENIX was far more consistent tonally. To me, the film is far from perfect. While Jessica Chastain does a great job with the material she’s given, she’s not given much.

Even with those flaws, I would hardly call DARK PHOENIX one of the worst X-films ever. It’s certainly not worse than X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE or THE LAST STAND. It’s a tad underwhelming, but I loved how intimate, grounded, and tonally ambient it was. For the first time ever, mutants are accepted. It does things narratively with the franchise we haven’t seen before. Yes, the film deviates from the source material, but it also delivers on the broad strokes of THE DARK PHOENIX SAGA. It handles the material way better than THE LAST STAND.

we’ve been spoiled by the MCU, where those films are consistently grandiose, similar in tone, and very comedic. DARK PHOENIX felt like such a different movie than any other superhero film I’ve seen this year. That’s probably why I enjoyed it so much.

This movie was good better x men last stand give four half bowls of Guacamoles this movie review X-Men dark Phoenix

Django and Zorro cross over

The comic series Django/Zorro is headed to the big screen, courtesy of Quentin Tarantino and Jerrod Carmichael. Carmichael has been t

apped to write the script, but it’s unclear if Tarantino will co-write with him. It’s also unclear if Tarantino plans who sequel Django unchained is question cast Zorro .

Me personally like Antonio Bandra playing character bring back cross over movie .

Mine personally I want who do want playing Zorro in movie .