Godzilla king of monsters movie news 

Well yesterday director Michael Dougherty just took to Twitter to share behind looking Godzilla king of monsters movie and looking Godzilla.

The photo below appears to be that of a prop airplane or helicopter cockpit, with a stand-in Godzilla reference marker in the background.

Looking like Godzilla looking little more angry furious maybe do vicious Godzilla style like 1990 movies in Japanese it was 

Think is good idea make  more angry because after this fight King Kong  maybe evil monsters in movie who know .

Godzilla king of monsters release in March 22 2019 .


Transformer 6 the bumble bee movie latest news

The vehicle does seem to have a Cliffjumper vibe, however as board member pointed out, it actually seems to have a Decepticon insignia below  on the car.

But think  is  not cliffjumper  I think is  Stuntcons maybe is  wild rider .

Does make sense because decepticons  did have evil cars robots in old g1 80’s transformers cartoon serise does make sense is  Stuntcons that show in picture.

Bumblebee” is currently filming in Vallejo, California and seems to be taking place in a fictional town called Brighton Falls. Filming is expected to wrap in November, while the movie is set to release December 2018.

New Terminator movie 

Supporting  now director James Cameron    said in Hollywood report new Terminator movie set up after event Terminator Genisy go back event back after judgement day 

Linda Hamilton is the latest name to return to the Terminator films, more than 25 years since her last appearance as the series’ robot-battling heroine Sarah Connor also Ardo.

The return of Cameron has resulted in an entirely different game plan. , the new movie will be a direct sequel to Judgement Day, ignoring all subsequent non-Cameron entries, and will kick off a trilogy of new films designed to transition the franchise from Hamilton and Schwarzenegger to a younger cast. Cameron and Deadpool’s Tim Miller, who will be directing the first sequel, assembled a writers room to break the story for the new trilogy. Some of those involved included The Sarah Connor Chronicles creator Josh Friedman, Dark Angel co-creator Charles Eglee, and prolific TV and film writer David S. Goyer.

Think great idea because the past  reset after Terminator Genisy wipe out  two horrible event Terminator event raise the manchine and salavation does two wrost and painful to watch plus Cameron said three more movies new franshines . 

Schedule movie released day in 2019 more details keep posting any new news on movie .

Deadpool part 2 movie news

Well Ryan Reynolds tweet out other theme movie poster this space jam them background promote Deadpool part 2 movie .

Give Ryan Reynolds credit that promote the movie and them movie poster pretty cool and funny love he different movies posters to promote the Deadpool part 2 .

Is very good marketing and promotion pretty awesome Deadpool part 2 be in theaters in 2018.

Box office weekend results 09-15 to 09-17

Second straight weekend rows Stephen King remake It was number one in box office weekend make 60 million dollars.

Stephan King It have make over 216 million since movie release in theater  last week.

1. It $60,100,000
2. American Assassin $14,800,000
3. mother! $7,500,000