Box office weekend results May 19 to 21 

This weekend box office results Alien Covenant the sequel Prometheus  is prequel alien movie franshines  was number one  in box office make over 36 million opening weekend .

1. Alien: Covenant $36,000,000
2. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 $35,062,000
3. Everything, Everything $12,000,000

Star wars movie news 

Lucas flim  announced green light planning Stars wars story spin off movie with Dark Vader with Hayden Christensen in prequel movies .

 I think Hayden Christensen had his big shot in the Star Wars Prequel Saga, so it’s time to move on. 

There’s already a new Darth Vader who proved to be worthy in the new generation, and that’s Spencer Wilding who played Vader in Rogue One. Him and James Earl Jones as Vaders voice will be a perfect match! 

And if they have to have him unmasked for some reason, than they can computer animate his face as a burnt and deformed Hayden Christensen if it has to be his face of all people. 

I’m mean, if they were able to pull off a copy of Peter Cushing to be resurrected for Rogue One, than I’m sure doing Vaders unmasked face is not a problem. 

But honestly don’t know this  great idea what storytelling​ about this movie is be cannle doing hold stars wars cinematic universe we’ll see how look starting filming it .


Box office results 03-10 to 03 13

This weekend past weekend Kong Skull island smackdown Logan number 1 previous weekend become number in box office weekend make over six one million in box office this weekend.

1. Kong: Skull Island $61,015,000
2. Logan $37,850,000
3. Get Out $21,072,600

Guardian of Galaxy vol 2 movie news 

Today Marvel Studio and Director James Gunn release bring new movie poster.
Looking like  almost similar  more colorful eye-catching like stars wars episode 4 new hope new guardian of Galaxy vol 2 movie poster.

Looking pretty cool like how is the movie looking for movie come out May 5 2017 awesome movie looking to it think raise bar ask sequel movie .

Guardian of Galaxy vol 2 in theaters May 5 2017.

Logan movie reviews

Tonight went  to private screening of LOGAN this  one favorite”X-Men” films but one  my favorite comic book compared to this  to Dark Knight it’s that good ask get in comics book in movie  general at all them  .

The film left me  very emotionally tattered and torn up to   by the end of this film. I felt absolutely  love i like  Hugh Jackman playing Logan/wolverine in this film .  

A pierced me in the heart with his adamantium claws. I this I  know if I’ve ever been this emotionally invested in an “X-Men” or “Wolverine” film before. The film is relentlessly dark and violent, to the point where some may want to look away. The R-rating has really given this film its claws, and it shows. It’s unrepentantly brutal. However, the film is also unabashedly emotional and heart-breaking see him last time playing wolverine .
Director James Mangold, writers Scott Frank, Michael Green and Mangold himself have crafted a story that defies convention, both of the genre and the franchise itself. The narrative is focused on telling its own singular story, not beholden to what has come before  The R-rating has also freed .Mangold and company  characters such as Logan or Xavier or even Laura, aka X-23, react in such visceral, human and authentic ways. The film has an added layer of authenticity because these characters don’t hold anything back.
The film  he doesn’t hold anything back, either. If this is indeed Hugh Jackman’s last time playing Logan, or Patrick Stewart’s last time playing Xavier, everyone went out with a bang. Newcomer Dafne Keen steals every scene she’s in. If you feared the addition of a younger character might veer in pat or sappy territory, just wait until you see her do her thing. The dynamic she has with Logan is also fantastic. Logan has always been a character at his best when he’s helping someone. What drove the original trilogy, and especially the first film, was his dynamic with Anna Paquin’s Rogue. Which is why it is so fitting that Logan passes the torch in a way to Laura in this film, continuing that dynamic. As violent and as dark as the film gets, the film is above all else a story about finding heroism even in the darkest corners. Mangold did an excellent job balancing the violence with a story ultimately about redemption, sacrifice and hope. 

I say this review without mentioning Hugh Jackman’s performance, though. What can I say about Hugh’s he  playing one favorite comic book  Wolverine last  seventeen year ask perfect ask is it tough felling up shoes  replace.  Yes, Jackman may have been too tall or glistening or handsome to be Wolverine, but goddamnit, Hugh Jackman is and forever shall be Wolverine to me. This performance feels like a solidification of that, like a lasting statement. You can tell Jackman put every ounce of sweat, emotion and physicality into his performance here. This might seem hyberbolic, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Jackman garners award consideration for his performance in LOGAN. He’s earned it, not just for the last two decades playing this role, but for his incredibly emotional and impassioned performance in this film. Hugh Jackman IS The Wolverine, and I thank him for nearly two decades of putting everything he could into this role over the years. 

I could continue on for hundreds of words about this film, and I may very well do that in another form. For now, though, just know that LOGAN is the perfect send-off for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and one of the best superhero films that’s ever been made. Hugh Jackman helped define the genre in 2000 and in 2017 he helps define it again
This movie reviews Logan starting Hugh Jackman Patrick Stewart director bye James Mangold well be  in theaters March 3 .

 Lego Batman movie reviews

Tonight went see Lego Batman movie once again Warren bros animation just like the Lego movie  release three years ago  this was other great movie to watching in theaters.

Arnett wants to save the city from the Joker’s Zach Galifianakis hostile takeover, he may have to drop the lone vigilante thing, try to work with others and maybe, just maybe, learn to lighten up. Maybe his superhero sidekick Robin (Michael Cera) and loyal butler Alfred(Ralph Fiennes can show him a thing or two.

Ok , I am  big fans love for DC Comics and the fact that I really don’t wanna spoil too much about this movie, you’re not getting the traditional review. Instead, I need to dive deep into the core of what makes a great parody, 

Different cameo Batman in movie even classic TV Batman villians have cameo also every know villains in movies history  well see in  phantom zones.

Also Superman and justice league do cameo appearance different version including super friends version of it.
Lego Batman movie is great movie for family to watching in theaters reel enjoy to watching this mine movie review Lego Batman movie.


Box office weekend result

This box office weekend numbers result James Mcrovy triller split make number one in box office also Vin Diesel XXX part 3 was second in box office make 20 million.

.1 Split $40,190,000
2. xXx 3 $20,000,000
3. Hidden Figures