I talking bumblebee movie to me is successful movie

Honestly totally successful Bumblebee movie is successful because

make double money World wide yes not that not much here North America in goble scale is number one in world.

Still said should opening in maybe in January this make more money in North America ready make over budget production is successful movie hope continue on more spin off maybe sequel for bumblebee movie .

Bumblebee movie review

Today went advance vip screenings Bumblebee movie transformer spin off of Bumblebee. Starring Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena. Directed by Travis Knight.
One the run in the year 1987, Bumblebee the Autobot seeks refuge in a junkyard in a small California beach town. Charlie, on the brink of turning 18 years old and trying to find her place in the world, soon discovers the battle-scarred and broken Bumblebee. When Charlie revives him, she quickly learns that this is no ordinary yellow Volkswagen.

This totally amazing heart warming if love if G 1 transformer cartoon fan in show characters look amazing the characters beife moment show in movie.

I love intact with Charlie and bumblebee in almost feel watching E t scene would good and John Cena playing Human very good the role .

Mine personally opinion way Director Travis Knight film he die heart g1 transformer fan with low budget was totally awesome and amazing i wish Michael Bay how Travis Knight directly and make transformer in to live action in this flim .

So check out The Bumblebee movie release December 21 worth the money go see in theaters give movie five bowls of guacamoles is was great . This movie review the bumblebee movie Starring Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena. Directed by Travis Knight.

Transformer 6 the bumble bee movie latest news

The vehicle does seem to have a Cliffjumper vibe, however as board member pointed out, it actually seems to have a Decepticon insignia below  on the car.

But think  is  not cliffjumper  I think is  Stuntcons maybe is  wild rider .

Does make sense because decepticons  did have evil cars robots in old g1 80’s transformers cartoon serise does make sense is  Stuntcons that show in picture.

Bumblebee” is currently filming in Vallejo, California and seems to be taking place in a fictional town called Brighton Falls. Filming is expected to wrap in November, while the movie is set to release December 2018.

Transformer Last Knight movie review 

Tonight went to movie see  Transformers last Knight the fifth installment from transformers movies franshines.

Starting Mark Wahlberg Sir Anthony Hopkin Isabela Moner  Josh Duhamel Luara Haddock And director bye Michael Bay.

Humans are at war with the Transformers, and Optimus Prime is gone. The key to saving the future lies buried in the secrets of the past and the hidden history of Transformers on Earth. Now, it’s up to the unlikely alliance of Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg), Bumblebee, an English lord (Anthony Hopkins) and an Oxford professor (Laura Haddock) to save the world.

First for people’s hated Michael Bay  transformers movie franshines stop to this sequels hear some people’s social media rant and rip this movie there review .

Honestly this transformers last Knight one best this franshines since  first transformers movie tens years ago .

This storytelling better then last few transformers  sequeles movie’s set up transformers cinematic universe planning next tens years from paramount pictures.

Yes said tens years because next two years two  next movie be prequel with bumble bee movie set place  in 1980’s and follow  sequel bd in 2019   in animation movie set in cyberstron.

Because this lot set up future movies mentioned unicron use him future live action movie  from franshines ask main villians  this great exciting for cinematic universes that perfect for me .

I think  one best movie this franshines Transformers last knight  go see this movie.

This movie review transformers Last Knight  starting Mark Wahlberg Sir Anthony Hopkin Isbela Morner Josh Duhamel Luara Haddock director by Michael Bay.

Transformer  in universe Bumble Bee movie

Couple Weekends away to  Transformer last Knight in theater today  paramount  picture announcement  official title movie the  bubble bee movie and  plot set place .

Title bumble bee movie is Transformer in universe bubble bee movie and set place in the 1980 the movie  and apparent to young crown for movie.

Okay well tell with announcement before  prequel first transformers movie set place in  the 1980  hopefully use transformers G1 cartoon look voltwagon buggie  for movie we’ll be perfect of it hope do that .

Also paramount  announced​  casting first leading women Hailee Steinfeld who she  very young  actress she been  in perfect pitch part 2 transformers universe  the bumble bee movie we’ll be released  June 8 2018.