The Batman movie news

I don’t hate the idea of Robert Pattinson as Batman. He’s at the right age for a younger Batman. If you’ve seen his performances in COSMOPOLIS, THE LOST CITY OF Z, or GOOD TIME you’d know he has acting chops. If he wasn’t in TWILIGHT, fans likely wouldn’t have any problems.


The Batman movie

Director Matt Reeves and Warren’s Bros studio they announced solo movie Batman movie be called The Batman release summer 2021

Some rumor Robert Pattinson be the next Bruce Wayne/Batman he guy in twight movies .
Director Matt Reeves is reportedly looking for someone who could play a younger version of Bruce Wayne in his upcoming film The Batman, and a simple click in any Internet search engine will tell you that fans and industry figures all have a ton of ideas about who that younger Batman should be. Maybe we’ll see they cast for movie the Batman release summer 2021.