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Box office results this weekend

This weekend box office results Sony pictures animation movie Spider Man into the Spider-Verse made number in box-office make over 35 million past weekend .

1. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse $35,400,000

2. The Mule $17,210,000

3. The Grinch $11,580,000

Spider Man far from home movie news

Here the first image of Jake Gyllenhaal ask Mysterio in Spider Man far from home the sequel of Spider Man homecoming come next year next summer .

He looking Mysterio outfits perfect only miss big fishbowl helmet is pretty accurate from comic book .

This movies spider man deal multiple besides Jake Gyllenhaal playing mysterio ask villians aslo Michael Keaton reprised roll ask the vulture also extra villians to in Hydro man who actor playing nameless .

Spider Man far from home in theaters July 5 2019.