Marvel Iron Fist season reviews

 the first episode hold series of Marvel Iron Fist on Netflix. So far it’s very good interesting characters and story. The fights leave a little something to be desired but it will probably get better as it goes. I enjoy watching this series mix marshall art flighting action sequel totally awesome this was good series to watch if love mix marshall art flighting stlyles this totally amazing the series.

Check out Netflix Marvel Iron Fist  this mine Marvel Iron Fist streaming now Netflix.

What are other people’s opinions on the show? Please try to keep it spoiler free.

Luke Cage review 

​Luke Cage, go to watch this show right  now very  entertaining Luke Cage, episode 1! to  out  hold series episode 13 is fun show on Netflix ,  this is most definitely Marvel’s best, well, anything in a very long time, and I’m just going by 54 minutes of content.

 This very much takes place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I cannot spoil how, but they make some very explicit references within the first half of the episode.

If I have time to watch more episodes later tonight, I’ll share my thoughts then, but for those who stayed up late to binge the whole series, please refrain from any spoilers in these threads.e first season all in 13 hours, but alas. Here are three non-spoil things you should know about the series before going in 

  this shoe  takes place after Jessica Jones, but it’s also kind of before Daredevil Season 2. Basically, you can treat it like its own standalone series until The Defenders next year.

This very much takes place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I cannot spoil how, but if I have time to watch the episode’s  this series watching and very entertaining watch  is good hell .

This  review Marvel Luke Cage on Netflix got released today .

Spider-Man homecoming movie news

Vincent D’Onofrio Wants In On Spider-Man: Homecoming he promote him on  his twitter account post pictures comic book pictures version the king pin.

Does  make sense he perfect King pin he  how  he portrayal  in marvel dare devil Netflix series  think better then Michael Duncan Clark he play king pin live action movie  dare devil .

Love marvel use king pin character in new Spider-Man movie franchise he one favorite villains in spiders man comic book  series.

Spider-Man homecoming release theater July 7 2017.