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John wick’s  Chapter 2 movie reviews

  I went tonight watching John Wick Chapter 2 and the way they expanded the story basically shows that they can go a whole lot bigger. The introduction of Laurence Fishburne’s Bowler King was a good addition and the fact that Wick kind of saved the Bowler King’s life in the past and the unholy alliance between both of them was just great. Also some of the new additions such as Peter Stormare, Franco Nero (Die Hard 2: Die Harder – The corrupt General), Common, Ruby Rose, Peter Serafinowicz was a nice touch. Seeing how the story picks after the events from the first film felt like one continuous sequence and seeing some of the same dialogues but this time from Peter Stormare’s character was just perfect. For this movie the action itself is the story and the Gun Kata/Gun Fu sequence felt like your modern western type quick draw with a mixture of various martial arts. One of the earliest films that introduced Gun fu/Gun Kata fight sequence was the underrated independent film  that was directed by Kurt Wimmer who created it for that specific film and see how it has evolved is just incredible. I totally awesome watching movies franshine growing ask movie franshine it make lot in this weekend.
 There is little Minor spoiler in movie  also some of cameos especially with Heidi Moneymaker’s character (Scarlet Johnansson’s stunt double from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Iron Man 2, Captain America: Civil War as one of the super soldier test subjects) disguised as a Violinist who was an assassin trying to kill John Wick caught me of guard. 

 I think for the third movie they definitely have to bring a female rival to John Wick and it should be Carrie Anne Moss and that would complete the holy trinity. 

Good see movie this weekend totally amazing awesome movie watch you enjoyed this movie reviews John Wick chapter 2 .

John Wick part 2 latest movie news

Summit Entertainment announced yesterday John Wick 2 And finally, the release date we knew for awhile it was going to be in 2017, and now we know the date specifically is February 10, 2017.

One like action movies but often find them, as I do, to be an endless parade of mind numbing sameness devoid of wit and style, you should really check out John Wick.

The first movie came out in late October, and in years past February isn’t the best time of the year for blockbusters, with Deadpool having raked in the money, another R-rated action film with a supremely likable  though undeniably less chatty hero might set Valentine’s Day alight again.

John Wick: part 1 very awesome movie think relaunch  Keanu Reeves acting career  looking forward John Wick part    2    well bd release   next year February 10 2017.