Suicide squads part 2 movie news

This upgrade recasting deadshot Idris Elba is to replace Will Smith as Deadshot in the James Gunn “Suicide Squad” sequel, an insider with knowledge of the project

Smith exited the project due to scheduling conflicts. He is set to begin shooting the “Bright” sequel for Netflix in July, according to another person with knowledge of the projects, while Warner Bros. is set to begin production on the “Suicide Squad” sequel in September.

Don’t give wrong Will Smith did good playing deadshot first suicide squads movie one good thing about first movie .

This upgrade put world class actor Idris Elba replace him ask deadshot is a upgrade casting .

Suicide squads part 2 release August 2 2021.

Hollywood rumor news

Daniel Radcliffe’s been rumor be next wolverine when x men indue be induced in MCU next fewer years coming up . Kevin Frig head CEO mcu

he said want young wolverine went induced the x men in MCU movie .

He is potential candidate is that even with a beard and a grizzled look, the actor still has a youthful looking face. We are probably a long ways off from knowing what Marvel might be going for with an MCU Wolverine, but Logan is really old so you would think whoever plays him should be a bit older or at least older-looking than the rest of the team. We see happened further future details news .

Stan Lee has past away

Comic book genius Stan Lee, the architect of the contemporary comic book, has died. He was 95.

The creative dynamo who revolutionized the comics by introducing human frailties in superheroes such as Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four and The Incredible Hulk, was declared dead Monday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, according to Kirk Schenck, an attorney for Lee’s daughter, J.C. Lee.

Fortunately meet once in was kid he one greatest mine comic book history he great life his legacy continues with characters in big screen movies .

Rest peace Stan Lee make everybody true believer.

Hollywood movie news

Wwe Super star John Cena maybe star Duke Nukem is in talks to star in Paramount’s “Duke Nukem” movie, a big-screen version of the long-running video game franchise. The project is set up at Paramount-based Platinum Dunes, which is operated by Michael Bay, Andrew Form, and Brad Fuller.

Interesting movie project talk for year’s this live action movie but finally green light get off to production to be announced release date the movie .

Live action movie Tom and Jerry movie

According to The Hollywood Reporter, director Tim Story is in talks to make a live-action Tom And Jerry movie for Warner Bros.—and by “live-action” we assume it means “CG cat and CG mouse.”. … Anyway, we’re more interested in talking about Tim Story, since he has had done other cartoon classic think could movie happened .

Big fan Tom and Jerry cartoons don’t think these people’s don’t remember cartoon show that but could live action movie well see it if happened .

Spider Man far from away home latest news

Today one Hollywood studios contact sent pictures set on Spider Man far from away home the sequel spider Man homecoming starting Tom Holland ask Peter Parker/spider Man.

The pictures see filming scenes Samuel L Jackson reprised role playing ask Nick Fury Combie Smulders reprised Maria Hill Jon Faverua reprised role ask Happy Hogan .

Think very good sequel spider man homecoming event marvel infinity war looking this flim release July 5 2019.

Burt Reynolds has past away ages 82 years olds

Great actor Burt Reynolds has passed away age of 82 he did movies long years the Remake long is yard smoke the Bandit. Striptease Gator Cannleball movies boogie night .

He one favorite all time actor he great actors read divle time be great cult classic movies his career god Bliss you Burt Reynolds give us movies in movie industry rest in peace .