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Mask live action movie

We’ll Paramount pictures and Hasbro development live action Mask movie .

The report from Deadline reports today, Paramount is ready to move forward with that idea, putting director F. Gary Gray (The Fate of the Furious, Straight Outta Compton) at the helm to develop and direct it. For those who weren’t kids in the 80s, M.A.S.K. …

Love this idea Mask favorite cartoon growing up in 1980 you guy director i love F. Gray Gray he styles his direct last fast furious movie totally awesome like stright out Compton.

Think this work if right could major successful in movie theater at box-office keep updating any further news.

DCU movies latest news

Director Steven Spielberg planning director Live action the Black Hawks movie .

The Black Hawks DC comic book basically stories freedom fighters in War world 2 against Nazie .

I remember watching first The Justice league animation series on cartoon Network 4 parts Savage time indue the Black Hawks helping Justice league against Nazie and Vendor Savage is great episodes one favorite episodes doing Justice league series .

Then after went favorite old comic books store find old comic book from the Black Hawks starting read great stories Golden age Comic book .

I think Steven Spielberg is director he great job looking forward be awesome and amazing telling the Black Hawks stories in live action movie.

Box-office weekend results 01 -18 to 01-20-2018

For third stright weekend rows Jumanji welcome to jungle made one number box-office past weekend make over 19 million past weekend.

Beat out 12 soldiers and Den of Thives past weekend.

1. Jumanji welcome to jungle 19 millions

2. 12 soldiers 15 million

3. Den of Thives 13 million

Hollywood news

Looking mine Hughes Jackman return ask wolverine when fully purchase X men universe goto Disney according to Sebastian Stan he said over weekend at AMC Comic Con in Uniondale New York.

Well, Sebastian Stan may have gotten our hopes up, but as far as we know at this moment, Logan was Jackman’s final performance as Wolverine and I’m ok with that. I just assume that Marvel is going to end up remaked the whole thing anyways.

But very interesting how in due the X Men in marvel cinematic universe supposed maybe be crossover with other avenger movie after infinity war well see happened in future next few years .

Hollywood movie latest news 

Walt Disney Studios is expected to cross the $6 billion mark at the 2017 worldwide box office on Friday, with “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” providing the final push to reach the milestone. 

Disney is the first and only studio to hit this goal twice, having done so last year when it set a records was over 5 billion dollars .

With marvel  cinematic universe and Star War cinematic universe and now released purchase Fox cinematic universe x men’s and fantastic four cinematic universe .

Disney is breaking record’s mostly every year to come take over movies they make ton money .