Hollywood news

Today officially sale and merger Disney buying twenty centurty fox studio stock holder vote approved sale and merger twenty centurty fox studio .

Now Disney own right fantastic four x men cinematic universe well see future movies in marvel studio cinematic universe .


Other reboot teenger Mutant Ninja turtles movie

Paramount pictures third time reboot teenger mutant Ninja turtles movie franchise .
The studio has hired Andrew Dodge, whose credits include “Bad Words,” to write the script. Producers are Michael Bay, Andrew Form, and Brad Fuller through their Platinum Dunes production company

So planning have teenage ninja turtles to appeal more adult see now saying fucking cowlabaga old boy reel .

I mine reboot but this don’t wrong good but give chance i am big teenage mutant Ninja turtles hopefully do right the movie see in future .

Hollywood news

Earlier this morning, The Walt Disney Company made an updated offer of $71.3 billion to purchase 21st Century Fox, topping the $65 billion bid from Comcast. Bloomberg now reports that Fox has accepted Disney’s proposal, making it the offer to beat in the bidding war.

Looking like Fox take from Disney and fantastic four and X mens come back Marvel the movie right new deal with Disney more further details news keep posting .

Mask live action movie

We’ll Paramount pictures and Hasbro development live action Mask movie .

The report from Deadline reports today, Paramount is ready to move forward with that idea, putting director F. Gary Gray (The Fate of the Furious, Straight Outta Compton) at the helm to develop and direct it. For those who weren’t kids in the 80s, M.A.S.K. …

Love this idea Mask favorite cartoon growing up in 1980 you guy director i love F. Gray Gray he styles his direct last fast furious movie totally awesome like stright out Compton.

Think this work if right could major successful in movie theater at box-office keep updating any further news.