Godzilla king of monsters movie news

Warner Bros picture and Legendary picture director Michael  Doughthy  announcement few days ago that planning redesign Legendary Godzilla more battle ready for Godzilla king of the monster movie.

Think is good idea 2014  Godzilla mold have basically trimming be battle ready remember fighting maybe monsters this movie and be five years Godzilla 2014 this released 2019 .
Like this great idea  because better shape Godzilla for Godzilla king monsters well released March 22 2019.


Godzilla King of monster movie news 

Kong Skull island movie review

Today  went see Kong Skulls island this fun movie watching in theaters.

This film fully immerses audiences in the mysterious and dangerous home of the king of the apes as a team of explorers ventures deep inside the treacherous, primordial island. 

Telling how actor and actress performance in this movie so great Samuel L Jackson Tom Hiddison John Goodman and Brie Larson was is totally awesome this movie action totally great in movie  

People’s did  Godzilla movie lear first Godzilla new kija monsters universe they build more monsters fight monsters in movie that what like abbot this movie that what like see in this flims .

When Kong concluded, Tom Hiddison and Brie Larson’s James Conrad and Mason Weaver characters were in a holding cell within the Monarch company. It was Corey Hawkins’ Houston Brooks characters in  the movie 

This was honestly the most fun I’ve ever had at a movie!!! I can’t recommend it enough. So many monsters, well fleshed out characters, very funny, and surprisingly emotional! Excellent effects, I can see how some people could find issue with the visuals, but never once was I pulled out of the film by anything!

Kong Skull Island is better than Godzilla 2014 and has amazing action and great surprises, trailers didn’t spoil everything and character development isn’t an issue due to the fact that these characters may never be seen again in the KijaMonsterverse  P.S. that post credit scene!!!! This movie reviews  Kong Skulls island .

Godzilla vs King Kong movie news

Friday legendary studio announce abbot the godzilla vs king kong movie .

It’s long been known that the King Kong remake, Kong: Skull Island, would be a part of Warner Bros. and Legendary Studio’s planned monsters shared universe, incorporating Skull Island into the same continuity as as Gareth Edwards’s 2014 Godzilla reboot. But as marketing for the film originally kicked in, there was little evidence of the planned crossover.

I think this they great for  both movies franchise wait this year for skull island release this year and Godzilla: King of Monsters release date: Mar 22, 2019.

Godzilla part 2 and Godzilla vs Kong news

Warren Bros announced yesterday some good new and bad news Godzilla part 2 and  Godzilla face King Kong crossover movie well Godzilla push back March 22 2019  original release date June 9 2018 support Warren Bro avoid crowd summer movie also give director Gareth Edwards  time work on sequel of movie .

Meanwhile, Godzilla vs. Kong now has a firm release date: May 29th, 2020, to be exact. Said Godzilla and King Kong showdown which, at the time of writing this, doesn’t have a director attached is now set to open in theater.
That move in particular seem designed to give Godzilla vs. Kong extra room to breathe at the box office by the time 2020 rolls around, more than anything else.


GONZILLA Resurgence movie latest news

New imagine from new godzilla movie from Toho productions company   I think too little frightening see  pictures  bottle of article .

I recorded a “Spydercast” episode a while back about this, about how “Toho” was making a new Godzilla film after we just had the American one a few years ago and I was pretty excited because even though I loved the new American version, I still wanted to see a new Japanese made Godzilla, because they handled the creature best in my opinion, it was their creation to begin with and I love seeing guys in suits battle. 

I have a few mixed feelings about the new look though looking to fighting ask is but see movie when come out .

He’s changed quite a bit from the cute looking Godzilla of the 1970’s and now he looks like something from a horror movie.  Still looks badass though but this might be the first Godzilla that watch just based on his looks.