Disney Maleficent Mistress of Evil movie review

Tonight went see Disney Maleficent Mistress of Evil starting Angelina Jolie Michelle Pfeiffer Elle Flanning Harris Dickinson Chiwetel Ejiofor

Maleficent travels to a grand old castle to celebrate young Aurora’s upcoming wedding to Prince Phillip. While there, she meets Aurora’s future mother-in-law — a conniving queen who hatches a devious plot to destroy the land’s fairies. Hoping to stop her, Maleficent joins forces with a seasoned warrior and a group of outcasts to battle the queen and her powerful army.

This amazing sequel first live action Disney movie great storytelling this movie it awsome to watching in theaters.

The filmmakers would trust in their leading lady to hold the attention, and slow down a little bit in order to give her a few more character beats. Let Maleficent be Maleficent, and revel in her goth greatness.

Fanning plays the Sleeping beauty and she is a thing of beauty to look at. Adorable!!!Michelle Pfeiffer who plays the queen is stunning and she does it with such an evil perfection that every time you see her on screen , you would wonder what’s this woman up to.Chiwetel Ejiofor who plays an interesting character, sadly gets a very little screen space. But his scenes with Angelina are splendid.
Prince Philip asks for the hands of Aurora. To celebrate their union the king and queen invite Aurora to the castle for dinner but with one condition that she must come with Maleficent.

This amazing movie rellay enjoying this movie is very well done this movie give five bowls of gulatmoles is amazing movie .

This movie review Disney Maleficent Mistress of Evil starting Angelina Jolie Michelle Pfeiffer Elle Flanning Harris Dickinson Chiwetel Ejiofor

Box office weekend result

Second weekend rows disney The Lion King make over 75 millions. Now over
$350,775,534 north America and 936 million world wide grand total over billion dollars in two weeks still make money.

1. The Lion King $75,524,000

2. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood $40,350,000

3. Spider-Man: Far from Home $12,200,000

Disney The Lion King movie review

Today see went disney the lion king starting James Earl Jones Beyonce Seth Rogen and Donald Glover in The Lion King … after The Jungle Book (2016), a fellow live action reboot of a Disney animated feature film bye dirctor Jon Favreau.

This absolutely convincing setting. The second is to showcase the ability of Disney and director Jon Favreau, following 2016’s reimagining of The Jungle Book, to assemble a world-class voice cast. But it’s still not enough to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the great king of the past.

When Pumbaa, the flatulent warthog voiced by Seth Rogen, absent-mindedly scratches his left ear with his hind leg, I confess that I nearly wept. Not because the scene was especially touching or sad, but because of the and a few that might elicit a gasp of amazement or an appreciative burst of laughter .

extravagant craft that had clearly gone into rendering those two seconds of reflexive animal very well done

make this movie beautiful, moving, and intense, once again.

Give this movie five bowl of five guacamoles this amazing movie thie movie review disney the king loin starting James Earl Jones Beyonce Seth Rogen and Donald Glover in The Lion King … after The Jungle Book (2016), a fellow live action reboot of a Disney animated feature film bye dirctor Jon Favreau.

Christopher Robin movie review

Today went movie see very favorite Disney cartoon growing up little kid live Winnie the poo movie .Christopher Robin is all about relieving your childhood and seeing all the iconic characters making their live action debut was just wonderful. Christopher Robin since it’s all about the father losing his way and has to find way by telling himself whats most important to him which is his family. My favorite part of course is the classic characters and the technology they use to bring it to life and also seeing Jim Cummings returning to the role from the 1988-1991 tv series. Cummings once he does the voice it’s back to school and hasn’t lost his touch and picks up where he left of with ease. Also other voice actors such as Brad Garrett, Toby Jones, Peter Capaldi were great with the characters they voiced. I think Brad Garrett for sure was the MVP of this film. He does a spot-on Peter Cullen Eeyore from the animated show perfectly. All the classic qualities of Eeyore Garrett nails it so beautifully. He is almost like the droopy character but still puts a smile on everyone’s face. Totally amazing great see this live action movie bring memories was kid was Disney cartoon series in 1980’s totally amazing flim is a classics flim .

Give five bowls of Guacamoles totally awesome and amazing this movie review Christopher Robin movie.

Pixzar Pictures Incredible part 2 movie review

Tonight went see pixzar picture present the Incredible part 2 long over due sequel first movie release since over deace half .

The Elastigirl springs into action to save the day, while Mr. Incredible faces his greatest challenge yet — taking care of the problems of his three children.

This good sequel first movie from a large-scale destruction, frequent peril, weapons, laser beams shooting out of a character’s eyes, a scary fight with lots of flashing lights, etc.). Someone is shot in a flashback (the act itself isn’t shown), and there are references to dead parents and several fight sequences that could be too intense for very young or those who are sensitive to violence that puts kids or parents in danger .

That’s because “The Incredibles,” which came out 14 years ago, was an extraordinary movie — an instant Pixar classic, bedazzling and humane, a virtuoso act of computer-animated showmanship that spoke about things like work, family, ego, and the passion of ambition in ways that few Hollywood movies have before or since.

Think this movie fantastic good sequel original incredible movie give this move five bowls of Guacamoles is totally awesome this movie review pixzar picture present the incredible part 2 .

Disney Beauty and beast movie movie review

Well this was other masterpiece from Disney pictures  everything  in movie was  perfect that experience  from classic Osars winning animation movie beauty and beast to live​ action movie.

The movie starting Belle (Emma Watson), a bright, beautiful and independent young woman, is taken prisoner by a beast (Dan Stevens) in its castle. Despite her fears, she befriends the castle’s enchanted staff and learns to look beyond the beast’s hideous exterior, allowing her to recognize the kind heart and soul of the true prince that hides on the inside​ of heart.

 Beauty and the Beast in IMAX 3D and for live action adaptation it’s very close to the classic animated film. This version of the film really pays homage to the Disney animated film shot by shot but also expands on the story and adds new elements which I thought was wonderful. I have to say the characters that I feel that stole the show were Gaston and LeFou. There chemistry was just great and the back and forth between those 2 was just amazing to watch. The thing I liked was that it brought that nostalgic factor which was just beautiful. Disney’s original Beauty and the Beast was one of my favorites growing up and to experience the tale as old as time in a whole new way wonderful. But love thing the musical​ numbers and singing was perfect.

Well tell mentioned Luke Evens was perfect ask villain Gaston and Josh Gad playing  sidekid Lafore two once great together working in movie .

Dan Steven playing the beast love how he playing the beast very lound very savages​ on camera with Emma Watson playing Belle there great chemistry together is totally awesome and amazing reel enjoy flim over all Disney pictures make this animation movie in live action masterpiece movies is something special how making them .
This movie reviews Disney pictures Beauty and Beast  starting Emma Watson Luke Evens Josh Gad Dan Steven director Bill Condon .

Movie reviews Pixar Good Dinosaur

Today i went movie see  Pixar the Good Dinosaur director bye Peter  Sohn  he Good Dinosaur’s simple narrative was  as great  Pixar movie could be  .

The tale’s themes touch upon the importance of family and finding your place in this world. These lessons have certainly been done before. But delve deeper and what the studio has done here is no less magical that some of great thing of movie good storyline of  movie .

Question  is the best Pixar movie every some people’s abbot  this  mine  feeling  is good  pixar movie not best this company   i still love inside out they this past summer  this good family Pixar movie in theather.

This mine movie reviews Pixar The Good Dinosaur director bye Peter Sohn .