Swamp Thing seasonone review

First for most im a huge supporter if DC Universe and was so disheartened sad to hear the news canceled swamp thing one after becuse North Carolina production and dc comic creative difference . reason why season cancel dam studpie reason .

I hope renewal agine other serise awsome series on dc universe is incredibly f. Especially since this is a quality produced series that is very dark this to out serise did

Introducing the if DC other characters with Madame Xanadu and Blue Devil thus far. Hopefully we’ll see Swamp Thing appear in later content. This is a fantastic starting point for those not interested in super heroes.

So that concludes Swamp Thing, and yes, even months later I am STILL bitter about its cancellation. Adding insult to injury is the rush job of a series finale that attempts to tie up all the loose ends, but still gives us the biggest false hope tease possible in the post credits scene. But the series as a whole is still something I highly recommend, and while DC Universe has made it clear this is the end for this iteration, I hope the show earns a big enough cult following to keep interest alive in the character. Agine bring back series dc universe different production company.

Gotham season three review 

Okay honestly some people’s i know not like hear this but think season three was good season for Gotham it  had up and down to out was storytelling this season.

Maybe explain some people’s hated it this season Javier Tesch aka Mad Hater the virus good sub plots season also court of owl with young Bruce Wayne .

Lot bloodish to out season virus effective police chife Barne his character totally insane he totally this season on this strong to out season .

Then Mario Falconie Liz Thompson  weeding husband got effective virus Jim Gordon shot kill him bring Lisa Thompson deep dark side of her continue out season is great mine impatient and better.

Then have betrayed  between penguin  and riddle each other and kill each very instead between both catch bye court owl later end of season .

One point me on season characters development with Cat Woman  and posine Ivy’s​ the riddle  Mr  freezer and fire fly show there  true origin that for next season.

Also young  Bruce Wayne become​ start training Batman is very interesting next season so like  said love how season three of Gotham how i feel abbot it.

This mine  season of Gotham season three review .


Arrows season five review

Well think season of five arrows good season the producer of the arrows  got back to basics with series more little dark version the green arrows like first two seasons of series this why starting this series.

Arrow continues to follow trends in this genre of superheroes and vigilante justice instead of setting them but season five has begun in a place that feels refreshing.

The main villians of season Prometheus real Chase and flash back villan Ivan Dragica who Dolph Lungren was good villian very instead with character development to out hold series.

But stand out two Prometheus who Andrain Chase  he was one step head Oliver Queen and his team including kidnapped his son his hold team hold honest at island .

Froce Oliver Queen put  old together  team old villian including Deathstroke and Malcolm Meryen and Neiss  help Oliver Queen recuse them.

Love season finale of season this year  because finally real good cliffhanger Andain Chase blow up island that Oliver Queen both teams on try left island fould out next year if surrivor . 

Like said good season the arrows show promise up coming next year if producers arrows show keep format did this mine more seasons maybe series this review arrows seasons​ five  .

Super girl season two review

Season two super girl was much better then season one was on CBS now on the CW network on Monday night 8 pm .

Love stories of the  storytelling with Kara for Mon-El and love stories with  sister agent Alex  Danver and office Maggie Swayer is stories character development in series .

First part of  season two   Mother of Lex Lurtor head of cadas feather television verison Kara Zor-El , teaming up with her cousin Superman (Tyler Hoechlin). Kara and James (Mehcad Brooks) decide they’re better off as friends, leaving the path for Mon-El (Chris Wood), the mystery alien from the pod that fell in this world . 

Also Martian manhunter  found fellow Martian Magan true hidden her origin true yourself  is character development of series.

Also add series Liliana Carter to series she playing in series us  president later found out she alien that to me is cool .

To out second half series with Mon-El parents who  playing in series Kevin Solo the King  is  Lara Gran who queen Rea in series  .

Queen Rea she  was cold heart betrayed her husband and killing him not Mon-El back  her first attend .

She venison try do other try help aid Lena Luthor  basically trick he builds  transportation bring here soilders  conquer the earth help  she sliver kryotnite on super man flight own counise.

Who epic battle between does two Supergirl Kara won flight snap outb Super man sliver kryotnite basically fight great villan Zod other  television verison him . 

Set up finale battle Queen Rea Super girl won  the battle they price paid super girl viris let Daxion left earth including Mon-El.

Like said beginning review this good season two Supergirl maybe Brainria do maybe main villian or television verison darksild who know well season 3 this this mine review season two super girl .