Dc cinematic universe movie news

Well yesterday Warner Bros make make huge announcement name new president production DCU movies they name Walter Hamada, one of the executives behind the massively successful Conjuring horror movies made by Warner Bros.’ New Line division, has been named president of DC-based film production.

Think great idea  they name new president handle the DCU movies there production the conjunction successful movies franchise hope great things from DCU movies better future movies.



Shazam movie news latest

Asher Angel, one of the leads on Disney Channel’s Andi Mack, has snagged the role of Billy Batson opposite Zachary Levi in New Line’s DC superhero movie Shazam!

Think is good section playing Billy Baston. In Shazam movie  he young actor he is ready won MTV kids award .

Think this movie very good love this Dwayne the rock Johnson playing black Adam reason announcement Zachary Levi playing Shazam  in movie the movie released some time around 2019.

Justice league movie latest news

To my knowledge, Batman see  few time removed his mask around the other members of the Justice League in the animated show. To me, this shows a Batman that’s willing to trust and work as a team. 
One month until JUSTICE LEAGUE in theater November 17 looking see movie fun action movie to watching .

Justice league movie be theater November 17 2017.

The joker movie 

Warner Bros.’ recently announced Joker origin film may feature Batman’s classic foe in a dark and realistic way, and as a kid. With the DCEU still riding high off Wonder Woman‘s success and looking forward to a Joss Whedon-assisted Justice League in the fall, the studio has made the surprising move to create DC films outside of it’s already established shared universe. The studio plans to begin with a Joker origin film, making it a project to keep an eye on, as it will star a new actor in the role, be directed by Todd Phillips, and supposedly produced by Martin Scorsese.

Hopefully be very dark the joker originally story  because create is very dark his beginning ask the joker Jack Napair use origin story joker remember he original red hood .

I hope the joker movie totally awesome not  officially  released date on the joker Movie  but keeping post latest movie news.

Warner Bro Batman and Harley Quinn’s animation movie review

Just finished watching Warner  bro Batman and Harley Quinn movie be Blu Ray Abbot two weeks from now . Kevin Convoy reprised role voice Batman  bring original voice from the  old Batman animation series story bye Bruce  Tim.

Batman and Nightwing join forces with Harley Quinn to stop a global threat brought about by Poison Ivy and the Plant Master.

I every about this animation movie bright back some charming old Batman animation series but little more little more adults verison animation movie.

I enjoy this lot this movie one favorite sequeles scence stand out when night wing chase Harley Quinn have little fight sence Harley Quinn  eject small dose Joker venom his arm she knock out .

He came true  Harley Quinn tie up night wing  arm and leg her she had sex with him . Night wing said doing any thing Gotham Batman came few hours Harley apartment both ticking each other full clothing he see around Harley Quinn underwear in gound  tell Night wing got what need it  yeah .  Batman walking way night wing said never make out Super villans.

Like this movie very entertaining enjoy this watching well watching add to Blu Ray collection .

This movie review Warner’s bro Batman and Harley Quinn animation movie .

Flash movie latest news 

Warner Bros made  announcement in  San Diego Cons  yesterday title up coming up the flash movie be called  the flash  flashpoint the call movie  .

This great idea for flash movie doing one favorite comic book stories flash flashpoint use currently Dceu currently characters and actors and actresses is stories doing well be great movie big screen.

controversial storyline, which saw Barry Allen go back in time to save his mother from being killed by Reverse-Flash. The change had huge ramifications for the future of the DC Universe, altering many things and eventually leading to a brand new timeline known as the New 52 in the comics. 

The panel began with a sizzle reel of footage, accompanied by the words, “Where wonder awaits, where justice prevails, where good battles evil, from Gotham to Atlantis, Metropolis to Apokolips, Krypton to Themyscira and beyond, welcome to the worlds of DC.” 

The flash movie be released theater March 16 2018.