Warren Bros Dc comic animation movie The Death of Super Man animation movie review

This was brilliant masterpiece stright comic book animation flim is totally amazing great this animation flim .
Superman and the rest of the Justice League unite to battle a hulking monster named Doomsday — but it’s ultimately up to the Man of Steel to save the day as the two titans square off in the heart of Metropolis.

Totally actually death of the super man Comic book from 1992 grant have new 52 super man and Justice league pretty actually fighting with doomday when super man fought with him is amazing the sequelae .

One best DC animation film reel enjoyed animation film looking forward sequel next year called reign of Super Man release 2019 .

Like said this amazing animation movie rent or buy it worth the money spent on give animation movie five bowls of Guacamoles that great .

This movie review Warren Bros. Dc comic animation movie The Death of Super Man animation .


The Joker movie the Todd Phillp flim

The report also states that this Joker movie is set to begin filming sometime this fall, and the budget is said to be in the region of $55 millions starting Joaquin Phoenix playing the Joker in origin movie.

Now get confused separate movie from DCU movies universe because Jared Letto Joker verison in DCU universe movie .

I glad the Joaquin Phoenix joker movie low budget keep gound and do great dark verison of character of in movie .

We’ll see in future which of the the joker movie is best we well see.

DC universe movie news

Geoff Johns – President and Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment – is stepping down from both executive positions, effectively immediately. The legendary comic creator is not leaving the company, however, having just signed an exclusive writer-producer deal with both DC Comics and Warner Bros .

Basically still part Warner Bros take over DCU movies one Geoff Johns exits DC Entertainment, gets exclusive writing and producing deal. Will write script and produce

Green lantern corps is

slading 2020 release date in movie theater.

Think great idea he know comic book basically stories in think move for Warren Bros handle The DCU movies universe .

Batman ninja movie review

This movie of Batman ninja new Warren Bro animation on Blu-ray next week. The story is Batman, along with his allies and adversaries, finds himself transported from modern Gotham City to feudal Japan.

This very good movie animation was amazing the animation this flim .

How characters looking Joker Batman gorrila groad in flim totally awesome how this film.
In this groundbreaking anime adaptation of the legendary Batman franchise, Gotham City is swapped out for feudal Japan, where Batman fights his infamous foes as an armored ninja.

That was is amazing how fighting sequel was in animation flim .

Give this movie five bowls guacamoles is very bringing amazing animation movie . This movie review Batman ninja new Warren Bros Animation Movie be on Blu-ray next week. .

DCU movies latest news

Director Steven Spielberg planning director Live action the Black Hawks movie .

The Black Hawks DC comic book basically stories freedom fighters in War world 2 against Nazie .

I remember watching first The Justice league animation series on cartoon Network 4 parts Savage time indue the Black Hawks helping Justice league against Nazie and Vendor Savage is great episodes one favorite episodes doing Justice league series .

Then after went favorite old comic books store find old comic book from the Black Hawks starting read great stories Golden age Comic book .

I think Steven Spielberg is director he great job looking forward be awesome and amazing telling the Black Hawks stories in live action movie.

Flash point movie news

Playing Batman in DC’s Flashpoint movie would be like a dream come We’ll see. I mean, look, DC is DC and they’ll figure out what they’re going to do next. But I’m highly aware of the character, I will say that. I’m highly aware of the character, and it would probably be a thrill of a lifetime to put on the Batsuit for Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

The actor is no stranger to the DC universe. He previously played the Comedian in Zack Snyder’s Watchmen adaptation in 2009 and then played Thomas Wayne in Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016. And now, he’s looking to reprise his role as Thomas in Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley’s Flashpoint movie, based on the 2011 comic book of the same name written by current DC Films think be great to cast him


Lobo movie the latest news

Director Michael Bay want be direct up coming up Warren Bros Dc cinematic universe Lobo movie .

Think good idea his movies he director make ton money box-office yes lot action and explores but fine to me .
Because character like Lobo he is Body Hunter he story in DC comic books lot action in so great fit for it.

Transformers director, who provided some notes to guide screenwriter Jason Fuchs in his rewrite. Once that’s complete, Bay and the studio will determine whether a deal can be struck.

We see happened future details .