A Super girls movie

A eyebrow-raising news situation here, as Warner Bros. and DC Films are reportedly plotting a Supergirl movie from the writer of The Cloverfield Paradox It’s still early days, however, and given the number of writers typically involved in your average blockbuster, it seems likely that this iteration of the script will be one of many DC universe movies want do .

Okay people’s get confused yes still have DC Television show Super girls on the cw network remember DC universe not marvel universe TV and movies universe are connected some what not case DC universe because two separate universe TV and movies universe .

The question needs Super girls movie yes i mine more women super hero impending what verison that do what story . Looking successful wonder women ask movie could be successful the right directior and producer can could we see .


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Swamp thing movie review

Watching last night on first every live action movie
Horror comic book movie . Starting Ben Bates and Dick Durock in Swamp Thing (1982) Adrienne Barbeau and Reggie Batts in Swamp Thing release in1982 director bye Wes Carvan .
Before he went on did be famous making Nightmare elm Street Wes Carvan director second DC movie every live action all think was think Tim Burton Batman .

Watching 80s movies comic book horror flim this very low budget flim pretty cheesy is some what entertaining and this early year Wes Carvan ask director still learning his craft ask director a give explain is like he just got high school try figure out what be is in life .

Like this was pretty entertaining did sequel the return swamp thing also spin off live action television series last three seasons in 1980″s .

I knew about ask kid again pretty entertaining one more thing some nudity in actresses Andrienn Bareau check out movie .