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Justice league Vs Fatal five movie review

Tonight watching director Sam Liu and executive producer Bruse Timms warren bros animation movie Justice League Vs Fatal five
The fate of the Earth hangs in the balance when the Justice League faces the Fatal Five, a time-traveling band who terrorize Metropolis in search of the budding Green Lantern comic book adaptations. Instead, Justice League vs. The Fatal Five focuses on a clash between the League and the titular quintet of villains, one which hinges on the rise of rookie Green Lantern Jessica Cruz (Diane Guerrero) and the plight of amnesic, time-displaced hero Star Boy (Elyes Gabel

Kevin Convey reprise voice Batman and Tara Strong during voice Satan Girl and Miss Martian. This good animation movie enjoys the story bring back memory watching the justice league animation series.

Well done this very animation movie bring back memory watching the animation series fun movie to watch.

Give this four half bowl of guacamole this movie review Warren Bro animation movie director Sam Liu and executive producer Bruse Timms warren bros animation movie Justice League Vs Fatal five.

Batman 80 years anniversary

Since today 80 anniversary of Batman first appeared in the comic book know there five Robins in comic books.
But one Alfred Pennyworth he always is a father figure Bruce Wayne also the backbone help Bruce out street patrol ask Batman he always defines his partner’s fight crime.

Shazam movie reviews

Today went to special screening Warren’s Bro Shazam starting Zachary Levi .

My first this viewing of Shazam! And it’s amazing. Zachary Levi was born to play to Shazam. He brings that childlike innocence, a kid at heart, youthful personality to the role of Shazam. Even Asher Angel is incredible and plays a younger version of Zach’s character so perfectly and vice versa. Jack Dylan Grazer is the MVP of this film and the chemistry he has with Angel and Levi is perfectly captured. The Easter eggs are incredible, the journey with Billy Batson, the climactic showdown is just incredible. Totally worth watching. Love this movie Dceu going right direction there movies now with aqua man was majority hit box office this great films to watch the movie.

Give this five bowls of guacamoles this amazing movie . This movie reviews Warren’s Bro Shazam starting Zachary Lev

DC universe movie news

There report out there that Warren’s Bro’s planning development live action Justice Society America movie .
Keep mine development Doctor Fate and Hawk man live action two original members original members group .

The Justice Society America first original super hero group in golden age comics book .

Think good idea do live action movie getting DC comic universal very characters on big screen well see development the live movie .

Suicide squads part 2 movie news

This upgrade recasting deadshot Idris Elba is to replace Will Smith as Deadshot in the James Gunn “Suicide Squad” sequel, an insider with knowledge of the project

Smith exited the project due to scheduling conflicts. He is set to begin shooting the “Bright” sequel for Netflix in July, according to another person with knowledge of the projects, while Warner Bros. is set to begin production on the “Suicide Squad” sequel in September.

Don’t give wrong Will Smith did good playing deadshot first suicide squads movie one good thing about first movie .

This upgrade put world class actor Idris Elba replace him ask deadshot is a upgrade casting .

Suicide squads part 2 release August 2 2021.