Warren Bro animation movieJustice league dark Apokolips movie review

Justice league dark Apokolips movie review

Blu-ray may 5 2020.

Following the decimation of Earth, the Justice League regroups to take on Darkseid and save the remaining survivor the justice league.

This is by far the best DCAU movies made. I was on the edge of my seat through this wonderful piece of art. Honestly I disliked this animated universe and missed the DC animated movies of the 2000s and up to and including Flashpoint Paradox. I finally fell in love with this iteration of Superman (who is my favorite super hero) and was glad he took an increased role during the conclusion. I look forward to what will come and while hoping for more stand alone movies, also hope that these heroes will return living in a new universe. If they do make another connected universe (whether related to this or a new one) they should improve on the character designs though. Animation overall however has been great in this movie despite taking dips in previous DCAU installments (looking at you wonder woman bloodlines). All in all, this was an excellent movie and applaud the team who created it. A job very well done

This the best dc animation movie ever is tough this animation movie give movie five bowls gaulamoles .

This movie Warren Bro animation movie .

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Bird of Prey movie reviews

Today went see BIRDS OF PREY starting Margot Robbie This was surprisingly great. It’s definitely one of the most fun and thoroughly entertaining DCEU movies I’ve seen.

Margot Robbie real steals the show as Harley Quinn, in a film that is beautifully centered around her emancipation from The Joker. For those that were complaining she was too subservient to The Joker in SUCIDE SQUAD, this film honors that with Harley having more of her own agency this time around. Robbie does a really splendid job at making Harley feel like a real person. There were a couple moments where I empathized with Harley in a genuinely heartbreaking and emotional way.

The other characters are all well defined and acted, but for me Ewan McGregor was a real highlight as Roman Sionis. As Black Mask, McGregor is always funny, charming, unpredictable, and danger feelings on the film in a nutshell. I’ve read other people describe this film as “JOHN WICK meets LOONEY TUNES” and I think that’s a very apt description. It’s an inherently silly movie, with a lot of heart and an overabundance of style to compensate. The style is very deliberate, never feeling corny or hackneyed.

With some stellar fight choreography and inventive action sequences, BIRDS OF PREY succeeds where SUICIDE SQUAD failed. It leaves room for the characters to grow, and the ending smartly sets up a franchise of its own. It’s a damn good time at the movies. I enjoyed so much one favorite entertainment comic book movie all time it was amazing this movie .

Give this movie five bowls of gaumoles this was awesome movie this movie reviews BIRDS OF PREY starting Margot Robbie