The Trench movie

We’ll be spin off from Aquaman movie co cinematic movie universe.

But are while any discussions of a direct sequel have not engaged on any sort of serious level by the studio, director James Wan or star Jason Momoa, with all the players seemingly intent on taking a breather and their time, there is talk of a spinoff.

Warners has hired newbie scribes Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald to pen a horror-tinged script centered on the Trench, the deadly amphibious creatures seen attacking the hero and his love, Mera, in Aquaman.

Does make sense because James Wan tell Warren bros executive he want horror flim in Aqua Man movie universe that doing it make do Aquaman part 2.


The Batman movie

Director Matt Reeves and Warren’s Bros studio they announced solo movie Batman movie be called The Batman release summer 2021

Some rumor Robert Pattinson be the next Bruce Wayne/Batman he guy in twight movies .
Director Matt Reeves is reportedly looking for someone who could play a younger version of Bruce Wayne in his upcoming film The Batman, and a simple click in any Internet search engine will tell you that fans and industry figures all have a ton of ideas about who that younger Batman should be. Maybe we’ll see they cast for movie the Batman release summer 2021.

Warren’s Bros animation present Reign of super man animation movie review

Six months following Superman’s sacrifice to defeated Doomsday , the world has been introduced to four new different versions of the hero: Superboy, Steel, Cyborgs Superman, and the Eradicators. Each one of them different in their personalities and crime-fighting compared to the original Man of Steel, and the world questioning which one, if any, is the true Superman come back to life. Lois Lane, still reeling from the death of Clark, decides to find out.

Lex Luthor holds a press conference introducing Superboy as LexCorp’s true Superman. Lois attends the conference, along with John Henry Irons aka Steel, and sneaks inside one of the labs inside LexCorp. It is there that Lois discovers through scientist Dabney Donovan’s that Superboy is a clone of Superman. Suddenly, the conference is under attacked as the Eradicator arrives to “eradicate” Lex. Superboy and later Steel try to stop him, only to be defeated until the timely arrival of Cyborg Superman, who speaks to the Eradicator to stand down, making him come across as the real Superman to many, angering Lex. Lois writes an expose revealing Superboy to be a clone, and questioning all of the Supermen to be fakes. This leads to a meeting between her and Cyborg Superman, where she knows he isn’t the Superman she knew and loved.

The live action justice league writer should learn something from animated movie writers. Great work with the reign of the superman totally awesome enjoy this animation movie .

Is amazing the animation movie is favorite DC animation movie universe all time check out yourself it on Blu-ray right now give movie five bowls of guacamoles is amazing .

This movie review Warren’s Bros animation the Reign of the superman.

Aqua Man movie review

Last night went special advance screenings Warren Bro’s Aqua Man new movie from in the DCEU starting Jason Momoa Amber Heard Patrick Wilson’s Nicole Kidman Yahya Abdul-Mateen II William Defoe Dolph Lundgen director bye James Wan .

Arthur Curry learns that he is the heir to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, and must step forward to lead his people and be a hero to the world.

Aquaman and it was amazing , this wasn’t your typical dark and moody DC film but it was a great origin superhero story. It’s fun and badass all at the same time. The DCEU is headed in the right direction, by being true to their characters. Think see better flims from dceu next coming years like said right director in movies .

This amazing movie is lot money opening weekend Abbot week half reel enjoy world in Atlantis visionary totally awesome and amazing the villians was great black Manta and ocean master fighting with Aqua Man amazing and intense well done .

Like said the DCEU is heading right direction see more great flims next come years .

I give Aqua Man five bowls of guacamoles totally amazing .

This movie review Warren Bro’s Aqua Man starting Jason Momoa Amber Heard Patrick Wilson’s Nicole Kidman Yahya Abdul-Mateen II William Defoe Dolph Lundgen director bye James Wan .

DC universe cinematic movie news

New DC movie villain Roman Sionis has a suitably melodramatic comic book past. Well, now we know who DC Entertainment’s Birds of Prey will be facing in the 2020 movie of the same name: Ewan McGregor as crime boss Black Mask. … Ewan McGregor to Play Batman Villain Black Mask .

This awesome cast for black mask Ewan McGregor great actor see potray villians gangster in bird of prey movie is scheduled sometimes 2020 .

Hollywood news

Report yesterday in USA today mine director James Gunn directly Next Suicide squad sequel movie Warner Bros.

Is confirmed Tuesday to USA TODAY that James Gunn, who wrote and directed two popular “Guardians of the Galaxy” films, is writing the next installment of the “Suicide Squad” franchise. The movie will be a follow-up to the 2016 hit supervillain film with Margot Robbie and Will Smith.

Also Warner Bros is contact James Gunn for the director the suicide squad 2 maybe director the suicide squad 2 because recently got fired from Disney he was working on guardian of the Galaxy vol 3 .