The Old Guard movie review

I watching on Netflix The Old Guard starting Charlize Theron

A group of mercenaries, all centuries-old immortals with the ablity to heal themselves, discover someone is onto their secret, and they must fight to protect their freedom

This his speculative action thriller possesses more gravitas than the average comic-book fantasy, although it traffics in similar supernatural powers and arcane interior rules. Much of the interest in this well-crafted but overfamiliar piece of world-building is how the movie parcels out crucial information to the audience, about who Andy and her cohorts are and why, precisely, they’re so intent on cutting a murderous swath through every corner of the Earth they’re called to.

This totally awesome movie enjoy this could next major Franishine movies coming year . Give this movie five bowls of guacamoles

This movie review The Old Guard starting Charlize Theron is streaming now Netflix check out .

Comic book television series news 

HBO announcement today  that do planning remake the  Watch Man  to a television series. 

Think good idea special on HBO Network watch man television series be like the movie when released 2007 could push to extremely stories of Watch Man comic books graft novels hopefully be great.
The Watch Man television series debut  on HBO some time next year . 

Box office results weekend of O6-16 to 06-18

This father day weekend Disney Pixar’s Cars 3 was number one in box office make over 53 million dollars opening weekend.

Warner Bros picture Wonder Woman who previous number 1 past two weekends made over  forty million is made over 500 million world wide since released one top gross movie so far this year.

1. Cars 3 $53,547,000
2. Wonder Woman $40,775,000
3. All Eyez on Me $27,050,000

Comics book television show news

Well today official announced new live action television show of The Tick  on Amazon Prime series    support more darker version more grounded them comedians version had in 1990’s.

Mine guess is more tradition thing with live Stream app do television show or movie on live streaming app website.

Like Netflix Hulu  Amazon and WWE

network   this great new version entertainment  watching favorite program New Television series and movies the future is now.


Comic Book Tv show news

Today  Marvel and Disney has issued a press release announcing the next stage of their successful deal with the Internet Streaming service following the Defenders release also Moon Knight in 2017 .

This great deal explanation Marvel’s TV and Movies Cinematic universal this great news looking for 2017 on Netflix here a poster image Moon Knight.