Box office weekend result

Second-week row warren bros Shazam was number one in box office make over 25 million this past weekend.



3.Hellboy (2019)$12,015,000


Box office results in this weekend

This weekend box office result Warren Bro Shazam was number one in box office this past weekend make over 53 millions .

1. Shazam! $53,450,000

2. Pet Sematary (2019) $25,000,000

3. Dumbo (2019) $18,224,000

Box office weekend result

Director Tim Burton Disney Dumbo flying in a one number box office this weekend makeover 45 million dollars this past weekend.

Marvel Studio Captain Marvel now gross over the billions worldwide one fast-growing movie over billion dollars .

1. Dumbo (2019) $45,000,000

2. Us $33,605,000

3. Captain Marvel $20,500,000

Box office weekend result

This box office weekend results for the second-weekend row marvel studio Captain Marvel was number one in box office makeover 67 million dollars a past weekend since release two weeks ago had made over seven hundred million dollars worldwide.

1. Captain Marvel $67,988,130

2. Wonder Park $15,853,646

3. Five Feet Apart $13,190,286

Box office weekend result

This weekend box office result Marvel Studio Captain Marvel opening weekend number 1 in box office past weekend make over 153 millions this weekend.

1. Captain Marvel $153,000,000

2. How to Train Your Dragon 3 $14,696,000

3. Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral $12,050,000

Box office weekend results

This weekend box office results James Cameron Alita battle angel was number one box-office make over 28 Million dollars .

1. Alita: Battle Angel $28,250,000

2. LEGO Movie 2 $21,025,000

3. Isn’t It Romantic $14,310,000