Box office weekend results

This lower this years of because super bowl weekend but third stright weekend rows made number one in box-office make nine million dollars past weekend.

1. Glass $9,548,795

2. The Upside $8,677,981

3. Miss Bala $6,864,744


Box office results weekend

For second week rows glass made number one in box-office weekend past weekend make over 18 millions dollars .

1 1 Glass Uni. $18,884,44

2 2 The Upside S $11,940,35

3 3 Aquaman $7,000,1,48

Box office results weekend

This weekend box office weekend results universal studios movie Glass was number one box-office this past weekend make 40 million dollars following bye the upside was previously number one finished second make 15 million million.

1. Glass $40,509,000

2. The Upside $15,010,000

3. Aquaman $10,170,000

Box office results

This weekend box office past weekend make over 20 million dollars past weekend the upside drama comedy with Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston was number one box-office.

1. The Upside $20,355,000

2. Aquaman $17,351,134

3. A Dog’s Way Home $11,251,263

Box office results

For three stright weekend rows Aqua Man made number one box-office make over 30 million dollars .

Now make close over billions of dollars is now high gross DCEU movies all time .

1. Aquaman $30,700,000

2. Escape Room $18,000,000

3. Mary Poppins Returns $15,773,000

Box office weekend results

Second stright weekend rows Aqua Man number one in box office make over 52 millions dollars past weekend it has gross over nine hundred million dollars World wide.

1. Aquaman $52,140,000

2. Mary Poppins Returns $28,353,117

3. Bumblebee $20,900,000

Box office results weekend

For three stright row Wreck it Ralph part 2 made number one in box-office make over 16 million dollars past weekends. Have gross over closer 500 Million last over three weekends .

1. Wreck-It Ralph 2 $16,253,831

2. The Grinch $15,039,050

3. Creed II $9,975,167