Box-office weekend result 03-24 to 03-26 

The second straight weekend in rows Disney Beauty and Beast maintenance number one in box office make over 88 million dollars in box office have gross 200 million past two weekends in North America over closer 500 million worldwide ask movie .

New release  Saban’s power rangers had pretty strong in second in box-office make over 44 million opening weekend .

1. Beauty and the Beast $88,347,000
2. Power Rangers (2017) $40,500,000
3. Kong: Skull Island $14,425,000

Box office weekend result 03- 17 to 03 19

This Saint Patrick’s day weekend box-office results Disney pictures live action movie   Beauty and Beast made over one million Seven forty million dollars be number in box office weekend result​.

1. Beauty and the Beast $174,750,616
2. Kong: Skull Island $27,832,142
3. Logan $17,815,677

Box office weekend rest 03-03to 03-05

First weekend March starting blockbuster season Logan Hugh Jackman last appearce at wolverine in x men flim was number one in box office made over 85 millions dollars in box-office past weekend.

1 Logan Fox $85,300,000
2 1 Get Out Uni. $26,110,695
3 The Shack loin  gate.    $16,100,00

Box office results 02 -17 to 02 – 19

 this weekend box-office  Results  Second straight Weekend the Lego Batman made in number one in box-office make over 34 million this weekend .

1. The LEGO Batman Movie $34,225,000
2. Fifty Shades Darker $20,966,845
3. The Great Wall $18,079,140

Box office result weekend of 02-10 to 02-12

This weekend box-office weekend result Warren bros animation movie Lego Batman movie make over 55 millions dollars be number 1 box-office past weekend .Follow bye 2 in box-office sexy drama movie fifty shades darker sequel fifty shades gray around up number 3  John Wick chapter 2  .

1. The LEGO Batman Movie $55,635,000
2. Fifty Shades Darker $46,797,825
3. John Wick 2

Box office result 01-27-01-29

This weekend for second weekend James Mcavory triller movie made number 1 in box-office this past weekend again.

1. Split $26,268,685
2. A Dog’s Purpose $18,386,020
3. Hidden Figures $14,000,000

Box office weekend results 01-13 to 01-15

This Martin Luther King Jr weekend  Hidden Figures make number one in box office this make over twenty million dollars this past weekend.

 1.Hidden Figures$20,450,000

2.La La Land$14,500,000