Ben Affleck want explore the Arkham Asylum movie

Oscar-winning director of not inconsiderable skill—was doing everything in his powers to keep his own flagging interesting in the project alive. Per IGN, his version of Batman was going to be less about costumed crimefighting, and more about how every single person living in Gotham

City is some flavor of out of their minds.

Ben Affleck feathers in flim dark version of the joker.

The film would have been about “insanity,” and would have delved deep into Arkham Asylum, a.k.a. the world’s least secure mental health facility, where all of Gotham’s finest costumed psychopaths and murder clowns are sent.

This sounds great love see Ben Affleck export Arkham Asylum mine question this connection to dcu or off world story movie we see have conference Ben Affleck director this story in big screen .

The Batman movie news

Now officially Robert Pattinson is cast ask Batman in Matt Reeves The Batman movie well release some time 2021 the movie be released .
Warner Bros has approved Robert Pattinson as the star of The Batman, the trilogy of films that Matt Reeves .

The Batman well Detective crime type movie supposed villains in be cat woman and the penguin .

To me this casting very good for playing Bruse Wayne/Batman think is good fit for the character see in 2021 when movie be released .

Batman vs Teenager Mutant Turtles animation movie review

Today i watch Warren bros animation and Nickelodeon present Batman vs Teenager Mutant Turtles.
When Batman and his allies team up with the turtles to battle Shredder, Ra’s Al Ghul, and The League of Assassins.

This was the amazing crossover bring favorite two things to love grow up watching read ask kid the animation movie basic on the crossover comic book event with DC comic and IDW comic around in the 2000s.

I was amazing to fight scene with Batman vs Shredder turtles face Batman villains rouge gallery mutants in Arkham this fun movie this fun watch see is amazing.

I give this animation movie five of guacamole this amazing animation this movie review Warren bros animation and Nickelodeon present Batman vs Teenager Mutant Turtles

The Batman movie news

I don’t hate the idea of Robert Pattinson as Batman. He’s at the right age for a younger Batman. If you’ve seen his performances in COSMOPOLIS, THE LOST CITY OF Z, or GOOD TIME you’d know he has acting chops. If he wasn’t in TWILIGHT, fans likely wouldn’t have any problems.

The Batman movie news

There possibly reboot The Batman movie with out Ben Affleck Director Matt Reeve made have recast for coming the Batman movie .

There’s as yet been no official comment from either DC Film or Ben Affleck himself. None of this is to say that Batman isn’t being recast or that Matt Reeves’ movie is outside of the DCEU, but there’s simply not enough available evidence to argue otherwise either. Right now, it’s possible that DC Film may again have to devote time at an SDCC panel to debunking rumors of Affleck’s The Batman departure – for the second year runnings

If cast choice is cast Jake Gyllenhaal Bruce Wayne/Batman for movie right age currently DCU movies universe good replace for Ben Affleck if left role playing Batman in the Batman movie bye director Matt Reeves .

We’ll see further details in future .

The Batman movie latest news

Former Mad Men star Jon Hamm is reportedly gunning hard for the lead role in The Batman, even if he’d have to replace his good friend Ben Affleck to do so replace him for role Bruce Wayne’s/Batman.

Think he great replaced of right ages  for character plus he  not too old and too young use him upcoming Justice League sequel . 

Well see any future news further development with this story keep you posting.

The Batman movie latest news 

Director Matt Reeves has clarified his previous comments about The Batman, confirming that the film will, in fact, be part of the DC Extended Universe. The director has likewise offered assurances that his version of the Dark Knight will exist within the DC film universe, he just won’t be servicing the stories of his fellow Justice League superheroes.
The Batman was originally slated to be directed by Batman himself, Ben Affleck, based a script that Affleck co-wrote with DC head honcho Geoff Johns and featuring the villain Deathstroke.