The Batman movie news

I don’t hate the idea of Robert Pattinson as Batman. He’s at the right age for a younger Batman. If you’ve seen his performances in COSMOPOLIS, THE LOST CITY OF Z, or GOOD TIME you’d know he has acting chops. If he wasn’t in TWILIGHT, fans likely wouldn’t have any problems.


The Batman movie news

There possibly reboot The Batman movie with out Ben Affleck Director Matt Reeve made have recast for coming the Batman movie .

There’s as yet been no official comment from either DC Film or Ben Affleck himself. None of this is to say that Batman isn’t being recast or that Matt Reeves’ movie is outside of the DCEU, but there’s simply not enough available evidence to argue otherwise either. Right now, it’s possible that DC Film may again have to devote time at an SDCC panel to debunking rumors of Affleck’s The Batman departure – for the second year runnings

If cast choice is cast Jake Gyllenhaal Bruce Wayne/Batman for movie right age currently DCU movies universe good replace for Ben Affleck if left role playing Batman in the Batman movie bye director Matt Reeves .

We’ll see further details in future .

The Batman movie latest news

Former Mad Men star Jon Hamm is reportedly gunning hard for the lead role in The Batman, even if he’d have to replace his good friend Ben Affleck to do so replace him for role Bruce Wayne’s/Batman.

Think he great replaced of right ages  for character plus he  not too old and too young use him upcoming Justice League sequel . 

Well see any future news further development with this story keep you posting.

The Batman movie latest news 

Director Matt Reeves has clarified his previous comments about The Batman, confirming that the film will, in fact, be part of the DC Extended Universe. The director has likewise offered assurances that his version of the Dark Knight will exist within the DC film universe, he just won’t be servicing the stories of his fellow Justice League superheroes.
The Batman was originally slated to be directed by Batman himself, Ben Affleck, based a script that Affleck co-wrote with DC head honcho Geoff Johns and featuring the villain Deathstroke.

DC cinematic universe movie news

Just ask Josh Gad, who posted a picture of The Penguin a few hours ago, and who has now been cast as The Penguin in The Batman, according to everyone racing to interpret why he might have posted a picture of his favourite Batman character.

the near future. While the actor may be known for his Disney-friendly roles in films like Frozen, but Gad may be gearing up to take a walk on the wild side. Thanks to one recent tweet from the actor, fans are going crazy over speculations pointing to Gad’s involvement with the DC Extended .

Think well great idea indue the penguin in DC cinematic universe maybe in Gotham City ally happening. The three main features which have room for the Penguin are Gotham City Sirens, The Batman, and the upcoming animated feature Batman and Harley Quinn.

Think great use character and like Josh Gad playing the role  he good actor fit character of  the penguin .

Anyway see happened near future with story down line in DC cinematic universe .

Batman movie news

​Not Buy in story  this Ben Affleck want out  be Batman after solo film Batman film.
Reason why story in Hollywood don’t believe this story because when Ben Affleck sign with  Warren Bros seven movies deal playing Batman one thing Ben Affleck add to contact have creative control of control  character in solo movie .
Story  or scoop going Hollywood today doesn’t time well till is true or not ask guy do movie blog do movie reviews just don’t in buy in the story.

The Batman latest news

​I’m  just so absolutely thrilled  the news  abbot Matt Reeves is directing THE BATMAN movie . 

I think in he  retrospect Ben Affleck may have not been such a good fit for Batman. I think he did a fine job from an acting perspective, but nothing from his filmography screams to me that he would be perfect for Batman as a director. I think fans, such as myself, were excited to see a filmmaker of Affleck’s caliber directing Batman. However, I was never sure it was the appropriate marriage of director and material. 
I think Reeves is far more suited for the Dark Knight  the if you’ve seen LET ME IN, you’ll know he can handle psychological darkness, terror and suspense in a very subtle and nuanced package. 

DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES was pretty much the perfect blockbuster and I can’t wait for WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES. Reeves knows spectacle, but he also knows how to ground that spectacle in nuanced, character-driven drama. He was my favorite choice among the litany of rumored candidates for the job. 
I just hope WB lets Reeves make his own damn movie, the way they let Christopher Nolan have complete creative autonomy. I’m sure WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES is going to be a huge blockbuster like DAWN, so Reeves has proven he has the chops for the gig. My only concern right now would be WB mucking it up. Also, I hope the rumors are true that the script is going to be completely overhauled. I want Reeves to have as much creative control and say as he wants. 

I want to see Matt Reeves’ Batman movie, he be great for   DC movie he is    taylor made for movie .