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Aqua Man movie news 

Patrick Wilson is  today cast in James Wan Warren Bros Aqua Man  .

Report deadline. Com Patrick Wilson cast in aqua man movie  he playing comic book  ask Orm  evil  half brother aqua man also ask ocean master  .

Patrick Wilson good choice playing ocean master he no stranger  playing in comic book movie in Zack Snyder Watch Man think good pick for that  character .

Aqua man movie latest news 

​Michael Jai White Wants To Play Black manta in aquaman Movie there story going around that black manta  main villain for aqua man movie not official from warren bro is black manta is main villian in movie aqua man.

When official from Warren Bros  black manta in aqua man  Michael Jai White one top candidate playing character also like Idris Elba playing black manta in movie.
Mine two candidate Michael Jai White and Idris Elris  playing black manta in aqua man movie  Michael Jai White want  the role think can able doing role for   pretty  good choice for character for movie.

But hope Warren Bros contact get Idris Elris playing black manta in aqua man movie .

Because he be great choice the role black manta his voice very  strong spoke  he great playing villian he playing voice  Shar Kahn disney   jungle book  also was he villian star trek beyond Idris Elris perfect choice for black manta  in aqua man movie .
Well found soon black manta in movie who  playing role Warren Bros make announced pretty soon Aquaman movie release 2018 .


Aqaman movie latest movie news

During over weekend in Los Angeles  his panel at Wondercon, Aquaman director James Wan gave some hints about his entry into the DC Cinematic Universe, hinting at a feel that will draw from horror films, as they explore “the depths of our oceans.”

This cool announced  James Wan over weekend at Worder Con in Los Angeles explore different Sea Monster like  Megalodon  Shark or The  Kranck  very interesting how in the movie  .

Still James Wan not answer  yaint who main villains  for Aqua Man movie there stories  other maybe his brother Orr known ask comic book  ask Ocean master  there some  stories out there his main arc villain Black Manta the question still  not answer  abbot him .

Who every the villain  in movie  think is be  great movie like James Wan styles director special from  horror films background  think  well be great movie     Aqua Man starting Jason Moamo be released in theaters July  18 2018 .