Marvel studio Eternals movie review

Totally amazing Movie this other Marvel studio Major franchises be awesome in mcu universe, has been poised as her powerhouse, meant to push this slick, tangled universe further than ever before, into a realm where an auteur’s visuals stick and the characters — played by the likes of Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek — seem soulful, rather than like action figures with scant interiority beyond what the narrative needs to push a story along. But for all its bluster and its vastness of time, Eternals feels strangely vacuum-sealed.

I love back story back eternals to history earth to out time when when they Spitz up very good story arch to out movie .

Spanning 7,000 years of human history, the film follows an immortal superhero group from a faraway planet tasked with shaping humanity’s development and fending off the big bads — the Deviants, a group of colorful CGI monsters that look like countless other colorful CGI monsters— with a variety of matter-manipulating, energy-harnessing, weapons-transmuting abilities. Ajak (a criminally underused Hayek) is the ballast for the group, a maternal font of support leading them through all these centuries. She’s joined by Sersi (the ever-gorgeous Gemma Chan), perennially late and a bit of a phone addict, who, in scenes with her former romantic partner of 5,000 years, Ikaris (Richard Madden), is all clenched jaws and downcast gazes. Thena (Jolie, forever deserving better) is a warrior who physically struggles with the weight of thousands of years of memories curdling in her brain. The dynamic between Thena and the bruiser Gilgamesh (Ma Dong-seok) could have teased out some tender intimacy, but the film doesn’t spend the time to really dig in — to this relationship or any other between its ten or so main characters. There are battles in Mesopotamia and Babylon, and trips to the twilight expanse of outer space. There’s a drably choreographed and shot Bollywood dance number introducing Kumail Nanjiani’s superpower movie star, Kingo. there two post credit end scenes This movie give movie five bowls of guacamole this movie amazing my movie review marvel studios Eternal .

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