The Suicide SQUAD Movie reviews

I just finished watching The Suicide Squad on HBO Max right now and James Gunn does it again by pulling no stops with the characters and the story. He is an amazing storyteller who know how to craft a story so perfectly where it’s just streamlined by not missing a single beat from start to finish. When the movie starts it’s already action action and action. Just when you think you are going to invest on the characters he pulls of crazy surprises where you can’t invest anymore on the characters. It’s just complete left field throughout the whole film. In this sequel/reboot of the Suicide Squad no character is safe. It’s Dirty Dozen meets the Expendables where anything can happen to anyone at any second. This movie is all about the unpredictability of what can happen to a character at any moment. Gunn really knows how surprise and WOW the audience and he is the master at crafting such a raw, gritty story by giving it a 1970’s aesthetic. The whole cinematography in this film is outstanding. The visual effects especially for Starro are picture perfect and it feels like the actual character stepped out of the comic book pages. Gunn really gives emphasis on every character making them important to the overall story. What’s great about Gunn is that he takes tertiary characters and gives them the spotlight which has been his trademark in his film similar to Guardians of the Galaxy series. The members of the Task Force X have their own personal kind of redemption starting with Bloodsport and like a domino effect you see the quiet and vulnerable sides to Ratcatcher 2.0, Polka dot man, Peacemaker, Rick Flag, and Harley Quinn. I will Bloodsport and Peacemaker you can tell have a rivalry and just love to push each other’s buttons. When it comes to the arsenal Bloodsport had some of the best weapons in his armor. That armor itself was a character and felt like had it’s own personality. There are so many moments in this film that are sad and funny with the characters it’s just hard to choose your favorite thing in this film. When Cena said play Gunn wanted him to play like a dushy Captain America, you get that with Christopher Smith’s Peacemaker. Cena’s Peacemaker is basically love to hate him and he plays it very convincingly. Gunn’s The Suicide Squad definitely felt like Amazon’s The Boys just over the top violence mixed with dark and a times light humor. This film is very much a winner and I am sticking by it. Of course this film is going to have flaws but this is The Suicide Squad and the roster always changes and when it seems you are about to invest on characters you like something happens and you just have to accept the outcome. I will definitely give this movie a 10/10 and highly recommend everyone watch this film. This amazing film give this five bowls of guacamole. This movie reviews the suicide squad movie

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