Mortal Kombat movie reviews

Today watching the remake mortal kombat from Warren’s Bro pictures streaming on hbo max and theaters. This amazing movie well I like the new mortal kombat movie is more storytelling action totally  beginning  major movie franchise  more sequel  to come. Story froce sub zeo and scorpion bloody rivalry between each other fight sequel began movie amazing is awesome .

mysterious, centuries-old ritual in which champions from various dominions (like our Earthrealm and the gloomy Outworld) hold tournaments with epic stakes: If Earthrealm loses one more of these tourneys, all humanity will be ruled by Outworld’s evil Shang Tsung (Chin Han).

According to the vets, Cole’s tattoo marks him as an heir to Hanzo’s legacy. Teamed up with a sketchy Aussie mercenary named Kano (Josh Lawson, who tries to make up for his dialogue’s lack of crackle with troweled-on arrogance), they all need to find the temple of Lord Raiden (Tadanobu Asano), who can transform them into planet-saving heroes. To me this new cinematic universal moral kombat movie franchise great beginning looking forward more sequels to come mortal kombat movie franchise .

I give this movie five bowls of guacamoles this amazing movie this movie reviews Mortal kombat now streaming on hbo max in theaters.

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