Zack Snyder cut Justice League movie reviews

I just watching  New Zack Snyder  cut Justice  league can clearly see the difference. the extra time spent towards building each character’s stories and the added scenes to strengthen what originally seemed like a weak plot really made a difference.

i’ll admit there are a few things i Just finished watching Zack Snyder’s Justice League right now and it’s easily far superior to the 2017 crap fest that came out in theaters. Holy crap it’s a graphic novel just like Snyder’s extended version of Watchmen film where it has stepped out of the comic book pages to the screen. The level of detail especially in the story is so good because he flushes out by giving time for each character to go through their own personal arcs before they become the team. I just love the exposition dialogue this film had because that is the key to a good story and he delivers it so well. This film definitely had to be 4 hours because you had explain individual character arcs and they take time and Snyder does it the best and you see it in every scene of this film. Snyder takes risks and his trademark is dark and gritty but also mixes with hope which plays out so nicely in his version of the film. Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice went through the same situation like the Justice League and once he released the extended version of the film it was a completely different take with 30 minutes of footage that really helped the overall storyline.
You really need a cohesive story Snyder’s version really tells it in that manner by not missing a single bit. Definitely the Victor Stone storyline was missed in the theatrical and this 4 hour film makes up for that because his arc is so good because the personal journey he goes through in this film you almost feel like you are going to cry.
I can’t believe Whedon, Jon Berg, Walter Hamada sabotaged his story with the reshoots. He was playing a 3 dimensional character and you will see that psychological turmoil he goes through. He is the heart of this story and the driving force as well as the catalyst. You do have the theatrical version, but I was just amazed as to how the new scenes for the Amazons were so good because they shouldn’t have been removed in the first place. The whole Wonder Woman arc with Junkie XL and Hans Zimmer’s score with all the war cry brought back to Xena: The Warrior Princess. When I see Wonder Woman in action it really reminded me of Xena this fierce Amazon Warrior and you see that with Diana/Wonder Woman in Snyder’s version from start to finish.  Because it was totally worth it and filled in the blanks so well and you get so many new scenes, new characters that we didn’t get a chance to see, we finally get in this film. You really see a lot of setup for future storylines and Snyder is good at giving teases as to what is going to come. When it comes to visual spectacle Zack really delivers it no doubt because it’s far better and the 2017 film definitely missed it. I am not going to say it’s Avengers: Endgame like film but it filled in a lot of blanks that theatrical cut missed and we as audience should’ve have watched this version instead of the crap fest that came out in 2017. 4 hour film I do not mind as long as you have a cohesive storyline that’s the only thing that matters and like the BVS: Dawn of Justice Extended version you get that with this film.have gripes with (which i won’t name to avoid spoilers) and there are a tad too many slow-mo scenes  totally  amazing   give this five bowls of  guacamole

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