Coming 2America movie review

Today I was watching amazon studio Coming 2 America sequel the original coming to america starting Eddie Murphy Arsenio Hall Leslie Jones Wesley Sniper James Earl Jones John Amos Louie Anderson Kiki Layne Jermaine Flower

This totally awesome and it did bring back some of the classic tropes from the first film but I still feel the first film held a gold standard which is always going to be an all time classic. One thing I love about this film is that it picks where the first film left even though it’s 30 years, it feels as if the story never ended. Eddie Murphy is great, as always, playing Akeem and he truly does have the most laughs. Then you add Arsenio Hall’s Semi into the mix the laughter gets even better. The pairing of those 2 just riffing throughout every scene of the film is just awesome. They are the dynamic duo, connective tissue, the heart of Coming to America. The multiple characters both actors play are just spot on, convincing and it’s as if they never left the roles. Eddie Murphy has said couple of times Peter Sellers was a huge inspiration when it came to playing multiple roles and that’s his trademark. The film also looks gorgeous, from the streets of Queens, New York to Akeem’s family home in Zamunda, I was stunned by how vibrant everything looked. Zamunda is nourished in gold and riches that truly pop off the screen. The cinematography is superb and truly adds to the film’s overall look and feel. Ruth Carter who did the costumes for this film did a phenomenal job and I am glad she is getting a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. In the end Coming 2 America is an outright blast and had me laughing from start to finish. Eddie Murphy once again proves that he is a comedic genius and you see him showcasing it nicely throughout this whole film. It amazing give this movie five bowls of guacamole This movie review Coming 2’america starting Eddie Murphy Arsenio Hall Leslie Jones Wesley Sniper  James Earl Jones John Amos Louie Anderson   Kiki  Layne Jermaine  Flower . Steaming now Amazon’s prime .

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