Project Power movie review

Finally catching up lately Netflix new movie Power Project starting Jimmie Foxx

The best described as a cross between 2011’s sci-fi thriller Limitless and any of the basically carbon-copy X-Men movies, Project Power is the latest sci-fi action-thriller to hit Netflix. While somewhat generic and mostly disposable, Project Power succeeds in one key area — it scratches the itch of anyone missing blockbuster entertainment at the multiplex, a drought that’s lasted for Summer Movie Season if you reside in the States. Although theatres are slowly beginning to reopen around the world, this Netflix newy gives audiences that summer movie feeling without having to leave your own home by serving up electrifying action, CGI razzle-dazzle, and fast-paced MTV-style editing, all wrapped up in an intriguing little hook. This totally awesome and amazing this was in theather this could major blockbuster movie .

This was amazing movie give this movie five bowls of guacamoles this movie review Project Power starting Jimmie Foxx .

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