Star war episode nine The rise of Skywalker movie review

Today watching Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and the ending for it was satisfying. It’s not Empire Strikes Back but still it was a decent ending and 40 years in a making. Definitely you have the course correction by J.J. Abrams and but also at the same time there is that parallel storyline of Luke Skywalker with Rey’s story arc. You also get a sense of them taking a small page out of the expanded universe Star Wars storyline in this final chapter to the Skywalker

sequel movies, but THE RISE OF SKYWALKER does a magnificent job at trying to undo that.

What a complete mess of a movie. Where do I begin? The first half of the film is so erratic in the pacing and plotting. It makes ROGUE ONE look narratively cohesive by comparison. JJ Abrams, a filmmaker

and to me Rey is the Codex that carries the history of the Jedi culture within her. The story is emotional and you see Rey, Finn, Poe, CP3O, Chewbacca, Leia and the rest of the characters going through their own personal journey, the sacrifices they make. This movie definitely shows the actors of this saga all sharing the screen and working together and you get that from start to finish in this film. When it came to Kylo Ren’s arc you saw how much he lost already from the first 2 films but here I feel the writers lost ideas to give Kylo Ren a good conclusion. When it came Kylo Ren going all out that to me was the highlight of the character and had a hard time investing in his story. Of course the return of Ian McDiarmid’s Palpatine was amazing and it’s as if he never left and he delivers that classic performance perfectly.The challenging part with The Rise of Skywalker is taking all the stories from the previous films and latest films. The final moments of this film I will say was nice because you get that culmination of bringing the story to a close giving it a nice bookend and creating a new chapter for the Star Wars saga.

This amazing movie give five Bowls of Guacamoles this movie review star war episode nine the raise Skywalker.

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