Good boys movie review

Today went to watching GOOD BOYS was way funnier than I thought it would be. It also struck me as something sort of remarkable. It’s a movie that reflects the possibilities of the time we live in, without cynical nostalgia and toxic wish fulfillment. It’s just a movie about a bunch of main characters, every one of which is, at the core, essentially decent, but who live where we all live. In an R rated world.

Not to spoil anything, but the three young boys at the heart of this grew up immersed in a culture .

They grew up breaking little rules, but knowing that hurting people is why you don’t break the big ones. They understand easily that bullying isn’t cool, that frat boy antics are just weird, and that you don’t need to objectify the person you like, just ask her if it’s okay to kiss her.

Adults aren’t the bad guys here. Sure, they’re strange, but that’s okay. What’s cool, in the end, is the freedom to love what you really love, no matter how cool that thing is. And if you’re the kid who has no guile- who can’t even lie to his parents about the simplest little thing- you can still be the likable star of a movie.

This is the first film I’ve seen in a long time that doesn’t make FUN of the culture that arose following the MeToo movement showcasting

The neighbor girls aren’t stock villains, either. We like them. They are just trying to have fun and bond with each other. Their easy tolerance and playful enmity with the boys just feels sisterly, never really mean.

Even the coolest kid in the school understands when you don’t want to play kissing games, hey, just go play with the VR goggles upstairs. His popularity wasn’t bought by meanness or pettiness. He, like everyone else in the movie, just wants to have fun today.

I feel like this movie may age a bit better than a lot of coming-of long time . This very good movie reel enjoy it and fun watch give this movie four and half bowls gaulamoles.

This mine movie review Good Boys .

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