Swamp Thing seasonone review

First for most im a huge supporter if DC Universe and was so disheartened sad to hear the news canceled swamp thing one after becuse North Carolina production and dc comic creative difference . reason why season cancel dam studpie reason .

I hope renewal agine other serise awsome series on dc universe is incredibly f. Especially since this is a quality produced series that is very dark this to out serise did

Introducing the if DC other characters with Madame Xanadu and Blue Devil thus far. Hopefully we’ll see Swamp Thing appear in later content. This is a fantastic starting point for those not interested in super heroes.

So that concludes Swamp Thing, and yes, even months later I am STILL bitter about its cancellation. Adding insult to injury is the rush job of a series finale that attempts to tie up all the loose ends, but still gives us the biggest false hope tease possible in the post credits scene. But the series as a whole is still something I highly recommend, and while DC Universe has made it clear this is the end for this iteration, I hope the show earns a big enough cult following to keep interest alive in the character. Agine bring back series dc universe different production company.

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