Ben Affleck want explore the Arkham Asylum movie

Oscar-winning director of not inconsiderable skill—was doing everything in his powers to keep his own flagging interesting in the project alive. Per IGN, his version of Batman was going to be less about costumed crimefighting, and more about how every single person living in Gotham

City is some flavor of out of their minds.

Ben Affleck feathers in flim dark version of the joker.

The film would have been about “insanity,” and would have delved deep into Arkham Asylum, a.k.a. the world’s least secure mental health facility, where all of Gotham’s finest costumed psychopaths and murder clowns are sent.

This sounds great love see Ben Affleck export Arkham Asylum mine question this connection to dcu or off world story movie we see have conference Ben Affleck director this story in big screen .

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