Spider Man far far from home movie review

Tonight see went sony pictures and marvel studio Spider man far far from home the sequel spider man homecoming and alos the following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man must step up to take on new threats in a world that has changed forever.

Starting Tom Holland Jake Gryllenhall Samuel L Jackson Melissa Tomie Jon Favorea Zenleny

and Jake Gyllenhaal for sure steals the show in this film. He was a great adversary to to Peter Parker and the way his story was crafted was pretty impressive. I definitely say Jake Gyllenhaal’s Quentin Beck is a great Orator and plays it so convincingly. I feel MCU definitely again got the villain right in this film Mysterio for sure shines in this story. This version of Quentin Beck felt like an amalgamation and the setup with his introduction was nice. The story definitely showed that grey area and at times Beck felt like an anti-hero and you almost felt like you cared for him. Definitely the continuation of the John Hughes them with coming of age storytelling continuing on in this sequel is perfect. The special effects in this film they raised the bar and even though it’s alot of CGI at times you feel it’s real. The elemental effects especially looked amazing and at times it almost felt as if they had a personality of their own. What makes this story little different is the manipulation and to me that was the best part in this film. To me that’s the catalyst that drives the story and the seeds get planted perfectly. The easter eggs to the other MCU films are nicely interwoven in Far From Home. The larger connective universe continues on. The MCU films are like Cinematic TV series and the phases The to the Multiverse are teased nicely and sometimes you feel another earth does exist. The writers really did a great job of crafting this story giving it alot of heart, humor and also incorporating all the technical jargon. In Spider-Man: Homecoming Tony Stark saw alot himself in Peter Parker and he knew Peter is meant for great things and this movie is about the cliffhanger end the and surprise i didnt expect guys love it .

Give movie five bowl of Gulatmole is amazing movie to watch this movie review spider man far far home

Starting Tom Holland Jake Gryllenhall Samuel L Jackson Melissa Tomie Jon Favorea Zenleny

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