Star wars episode nine movie news

Leak new movie poster star wars episode nine look pretty awesome .
To assist Kylo Ren against the Resistance will be the six Knights of Ren and an army of Stormtroopers,which are red, possibly from the glow of Kylo’s red crossguard lightsaber or a new military division of the First Order. Also seen in the poster are Chewbacca, BB-8 with its droid buddy named D.O., and C-3PO is actually ready to fight as he is armed with a bowcaster. There’s also a few spacecraft that make the poster including the Millennium Falcon.

1 thought on “Star wars episode nine movie news

  1. This can not be the real poster this really sucks bad wear is Luke and leia and lando calrissian you would think thay would have some sort of tribute to carrie Fisher tell me if I’m wrong here.


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