Dc Cinematic universe news

Well since Joss Weldon reshooting major scenes in Justice league movie .

Warner Bros picture is thinking development The New God movie because successfully of Wonder Woman movie  in box office  so far this summer.

It be abbot time  connect Dceu build with new god New Genesis  Orion high father  Mr. Miracle and Fore childrens. 

 They you in due planet of apocalypse general Staniff Wolf man villian in Justice league  you see appreciate darksild and grada goodness in Justice league movie.
Biggest  argument that against  doing live action movie too much like  of Stars Wars  Jack Kriby New God  comic book came before George Lucas Star Wars fact Mentioned that took idea read comic Jack Kriby New God comic book development Characters of Stars Wars  movie franshines.

Personal impatient should do live action movie connect to Dceu this epic science fiction movie space opera be awesome that feels what you think about live action New God movie.

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