X men dark Phoenix movie news

This awesome news during Phoenix saga right this indues th Shi’ar emprie in x men dark Phoenix movie said director Simon Kinberg for storytelling for movie .

Also said the empress of the Shi’ar Empire, Lilandra leads an alien race that is in search of and eager to eradicate the Phoenix Force. Sophie Turner will reprise her role as Jean Grey in the film, the host of the Phoenix Force and subject of the Shi’ar’s search.

Finally like said doing right this not like did horrible x men last stand so happy revision the phoenix looking forward so what Galaxy space opera in movie this hopefully very good movie so excited story revision doing good this time .

The Phoenix saga one favorite not x men story use read one favorite comic book saga growing up read and show old x men animation series in 90’s i looking this movie be released in theater  November 2 2018 .

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