Justice league movie news

Well picture below article the  headquarters Hall of  Justice may   Showing up in the new film. With a November release date and two trailers currently out, it may seem odd that there’s still work to be done for Justice League

They reshooting brand new scenes of Justice league movie director Joss Weldon took over movie  from Zack Snyder’s personal tragically  now reshooting major scenes just sign new composter for the films .

Looking little bit redo the movie maybe. 

Some major scenes but that  good thing for film looking change Joss Weldon he for movie very interesting.

Now mine the Hall of Justice one main headquarters for Justice league like see Watch Towner  in movie there verison of Justice league animation series have  space station in obite comics book have built on moon what every verison like see the movies .

Justice league released  in theater November 17 2017. 

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