Gotham season three review 

Okay honestly some people’s i know not like hear this but think season three was good season for Gotham it  had up and down to out was storytelling this season.

Maybe explain some people’s hated it this season Javier Tesch aka Mad Hater the virus good sub plots season also court of owl with young Bruce Wayne .

Lot bloodish to out season virus effective police chife Barne his character totally insane he totally this season on this strong to out season .

Then Mario Falconie Liz Thompson  weeding husband got effective virus Jim Gordon shot kill him bring Lisa Thompson deep dark side of her continue out season is great mine impatient and better.

Then have betrayed  between penguin  and riddle each other and kill each very instead between both catch bye court owl later end of season .

One point me on season characters development with Cat Woman  and posine Ivy’s​ the riddle  Mr  freezer and fire fly show there  true origin that for next season.

Also young  Bruce Wayne become​ start training Batman is very interesting next season so like  said love how season three of Gotham how i feel abbot it.

This mine  season of Gotham season three review .


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