Arrows season five review

Well think season of five arrows good season the producer of the arrows  got back to basics with series more little dark version the green arrows like first two seasons of series this why starting this series.

Arrow continues to follow trends in this genre of superheroes and vigilante justice instead of setting them but season five has begun in a place that feels refreshing.

The main villians of season Prometheus real Chase and flash back villan Ivan Dragica who Dolph Lungren was good villian very instead with character development to out hold series.

But stand out two Prometheus who Andrain Chase  he was one step head Oliver Queen and his team including kidnapped his son his hold team hold honest at island .

Froce Oliver Queen put  old together  team old villian including Deathstroke and Malcolm Meryen and Neiss  help Oliver Queen recuse them.

Love season finale of season this year  because finally real good cliffhanger Andain Chase blow up island that Oliver Queen both teams on try left island fould out next year if surrivor . 

Like said good season the arrows show promise up coming next year if producers arrows show keep format did this mine more seasons maybe series this review arrows seasons​ five  .

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