Super girl season two review

Season two super girl was much better then season one was on CBS now on the CW network on Monday night 8 pm .

Love stories of the  storytelling with Kara for Mon-El and love stories with  sister agent Alex  Danver and office Maggie Swayer is stories character development in series .

First part of  season two   Mother of Lex Lurtor head of cadas feather television verison Kara Zor-El , teaming up with her cousin Superman (Tyler Hoechlin). Kara and James (Mehcad Brooks) decide they’re better off as friends, leaving the path for Mon-El (Chris Wood), the mystery alien from the pod that fell in this world . 

Also Martian manhunter  found fellow Martian Magan true hidden her origin true yourself  is character development of series.

Also add series Liliana Carter to series she playing in series us  president later found out she alien that to me is cool .

To out second half series with Mon-El parents who  playing in series Kevin Solo the King  is  Lara Gran who queen Rea in series  .

Queen Rea she  was cold heart betrayed her husband and killing him not Mon-El back  her first attend .

She venison try do other try help aid Lena Luthor  basically trick he builds  transportation bring here soilders  conquer the earth help  she sliver kryotnite on super man flight own counise.

Who epic battle between does two Supergirl Kara won flight snap outb Super man sliver kryotnite basically fight great villan Zod other  television verison him . 

Set up finale battle Queen Rea Super girl won  the battle they price paid super girl viris let Daxion left earth including Mon-El.

Like said beginning review this good season two Supergirl maybe Brainria do maybe main villian or television verison darksild who know well season 3 this this mine review season two super girl .

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