season three  of the flash  review 

Grant love how finish  the season  finale last week but time here  mine review on season  three the flash .

Want said ending season three fantastic and savtara was great villan for  the flash who his himself other version Barry Allen .

But little disappointed this special begin season special use great DC comics stories.

Beginning use some what flash point pardox they the producers the flash television series they more episodes does maybe half season special  including a different versions the green arrows. 

Maybe Oliver Queen father been the green arrows but didn’t little disappointed about on that  .
Still Savatar storyline  tie end little better flash flash point pardox  still was good closed season three end with little cliffhanger Barry Allen  enter speed froce part of  speed froce.

I think  season 4  of the flash  coming in fall be good well see this  mine flash season three review.

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