DC cinematic universe movie news

Just ask Josh Gad, who posted a picture of The Penguin a few hours ago, and who has now been cast as The Penguin in The Batman, according to everyone racing to interpret why he might have posted a picture of his favourite Batman character.

the near future. While the actor may be known for his Disney-friendly roles in films like Frozen, but Gad may be gearing up to take a walk on the wild side. Thanks to one recent tweet from the actor, fans are going crazy over speculations pointing to Gad’s involvement with the DC Extended .

Think well great idea indue the penguin in DC cinematic universe maybe in Gotham City ally happening. The three main features which have room for the Penguin are Gotham City Sirens, The Batman, and the upcoming animated feature Batman and Harley Quinn.

Think great use character and like Josh Gad playing the role  he good actor fit character of  the penguin .

Anyway see happened near future with story down line in DC cinematic universe .

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