Star wars movie news 

Lucas flim  announced green light planning Stars wars story spin off movie with Dark Vader with Hayden Christensen in prequel movies .

 I think Hayden Christensen had his big shot in the Star Wars Prequel Saga, so it’s time to move on. 

There’s already a new Darth Vader who proved to be worthy in the new generation, and that’s Spencer Wilding who played Vader in Rogue One. Him and James Earl Jones as Vaders voice will be a perfect match! 

And if they have to have him unmasked for some reason, than they can computer animate his face as a burnt and deformed Hayden Christensen if it has to be his face of all people. 

I’m mean, if they were able to pull off a copy of Peter Cushing to be resurrected for Rogue One, than I’m sure doing Vaders unmasked face is not a problem. 

But honestly don’t know this  great idea what storytelling​ about this movie is be cannle doing hold stars wars cinematic universe we’ll see how look starting filming it .


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