Justice league movie latest news

The latest news filming the Justice league movie who release November 17 2017 that made be minor spoiler planning  show darkseid in Justice league movie most likely Cgi look version.

If this information is to be believed, there is no need to be concerned over the fact that there is no actor currently attached to play the character. Darkseid will require a largely CGI or motion capture performance to be brought to life and if he is not speaking, WB can simply use any number of people to be a stand in for the purposes of this film – similar to how Damion Poitier “played” Thanos in The Avengers post-credits scene before Josh Brolin took control of the character.

Hopefully if Darkseid is only set to have a small role, something slightly bigger than a cameo in the film, WB will not show him off before hand. Doing so could confuse some when it comes to figuring out who the true villain of the film is. Ultimately, while Steppenwolf may be the physical villain the League faces off with, it should be Darkseid’s 

Does make sense be villain in Justice league part 2 movie   well happen Zack Snyder with character darkseid one hope how look in movie use some what Jack Kibry version of one favorite look in comic book.

Justice league movie well in theaters November 17 2017

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