X men universe movie news

Now officially confirmed that Sophie Turner just confirmed a new X-Men movie starts shooting this year. With rumors it will center around the Dark Phoenix Saga, they better get it right this time. 
“The Dark Phoenix Saga” is one of my favorite comic-book storylines… ever. When I first started reading X-Men comics back in the early 00’s, it was the first X-Men comic I ever read. It’s a gloriously epic tale of cosmic proportions. I’m not sure how you can ‘ground’ that story, so I hope they don’t. We already saw what happens when they try I hope I’m looking like horrible, X-MEN: THE LAST STAND. 
I still think is right in this  to do Dark Phoenix sage . I would rather they do another movie to build up to that more, but alas. They have a chance to finally do this story justice, the same way they did X men apocalypse ” justice.  I hope story right induction the Tara Shira empire and the league guard .

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