alien Covenant movie latest news

  1. DIRECTOR Ridley Scott  talking recent  interview  in rolling stone  magazine  explain what alien covenant sequel fromPrometheus   also explain role Danny    McBride in movie. I  think  sequel  be awesome  looking forward  see this movie franchise amazing  video effects the movie  Ridley Scott great   styles  director   is great movie come 2017 .

    Alien covenant’s Danny McBride on his role & film’s practical effectsWhile it remains to be seen whether McBride’s role is serious or intended to stir up some comic relief in what otherwise looks to be a thrilling film, he did briefly recount his experience working with Ridley Scott, whose fast-paced directorial style meshes well with the quick-witted comedy McBride is used to.

    He also interview He’s got so much energy, and he shoots everything with four cameras. We move through stuff fast. When I got here some people said, ‘Oh man, he does two takes, three takes, tops,’ but I love it.” 

    Alien: Covenant be  in  theaters on August 4th, 2017.


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