Transformers last knight movie news

Well Michael Bay made office  announced  today tweet out  Tyrese Gibson is back and  in transformers Last knight  the fifth installment of movie franchise be there June 23 2017 story is Gibson character Epps in the NEST, and later worked with the auto bot Wreckers at NASA.

Well also back for movie Mark Wahlberg will also return as Cade Yeager from Transformers: Ager of Extinction. Isabela Moner joins the cast as streetwise tomboy Izabella, who befriends the tiny Transformers named Sqweeks. Josh Duhamel also returns as Epps’ former commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel William Lennox. The remaining human cast includes Jerrod Carmichael, Anthony Hopkins, Mitch Pileggi and Laura Haddock.

Ones thing i notice Michael Bay bring original feeling of the first few live action transformers bring back Barecade also Megatron now recasting Tyrese  Gibson his character Epps well see how look well release June 23 2017.



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